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Winona Ryder

Hot American Top Actress

Was born on 29 October 1971 in a small town in Minnesota where it takes its name from his father jew Russian , Michael Horowitz (born with the surname Tomchin, but legally changed to Horowitz's arrival in the United States ), and mother, Romania , Cynthia ISTAS. The mother of religion is Buddhist , while the father is an atheist .

Winona Ryder Hot Body Leaked Photos 2012

She lives a ' teens troubled, largely because of his androgynous appearance and his habit of dressing gowns guy who makes the aims of bullying by peers. At age 12 she was beaten by a group of peers who, finding it in the girls' bathroom, mistake it for a boy effeminate manners. That leaves the Petaluma Kenilworth Jr. High School, and finished his studies privately. Will be able to refer to giving himself acting with success, so much to take her film debut in a short time.

Winona Ryder Hot Body Leaked Photos 2012

After starring girls pretty unusual in films such as Beetlejuice - Faerie Porcello , Edward Scissorhands , and Mermaids , reached the pinnacle of his career at the beginning of the nineties with Dracula by Bram Stoker in Francis Ford Coppola in 1992 and The Age Innocence by Martin Scorsese in 1993. For the latter he won the Golden Globe for Best Actress and also received his first nomination to the 1994 Oscar as best supporting actress, the other nominations as best actress in 1994 will come to Little Women . In 2000 he received his star  in the Hollywood Walk of Fame . Winona Ryder was engaged to actor Johnny Depp for three years. He had devoted a tattoo on his arm reading "Winona Forever", and after their separation changed it to "Wino Forever" that is "always drunk".

Winona Ryder Hot Body Leaked Photos 2012

In 1993 Winona has offered a reward of $ 200,000 for the discovery of twelve kidnapped Polly Klaas . Unfortunately the girl was strangled by her kidnapper Richard Allen Davis . Winona and he dedicated the film Little Women , adapted from the novel by Louisa May Alcott who loved the girl.

Winona Ryder Hot Body Leaked Photos 2012

In December of 2001 , the Ryder, who was suffering from kleptomania , has been apprehended for shoplifting in department stores in Beverly Hills Saks Fifth Avenue, then tried and found guilty. His career came to a halt until 2006 , when he shot the film A Scanner Darkly - A Scanner Darkly , presented at Cannes , and The Darwin Awards - Accidental Suicide-developed minds , presented at the Sundance Film Festival . From this moment the work for the Ryder back in full swing, reaching to spin up to three films a year.

Winona Ryder Hot Body Leaked Photos 2012


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