Fun Valentine's Day Crafts Tips

By Brad Jeffson

Small children love any holiday, including the smaller ones like Valentine's Day. If you want to make the holidays extra special, you should think about doing some fun crafts together as a family. There are so many Valentine's Day crafts for you to do together, including preschool Valentine's Day crafts as well as Valentine's Day crafts for older children. Here are some great ideas for crafts for Valentine's Day.

Another option in so far as finding cheap Valentine's Day flowers go is to try out the California Flower Mall that is situated on San Julian and on seventh and eighth Streets. The best part about these love bugs is that they are super easy to make! You will need some hard card stock paper, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glue, and lots of pompoms.

Being affordable you can also purchase these flowers and gift them to someone special which is another option and also a traditional means of showing your compassion for others.After that, glue the eyes on the pointy end of the heart. Cut two inch sections of pipe cleaners and glue a pompom to one end of the pipe cleaner. Glue them behind the eyes for antennas on the love bug.Allow a few hours for the glue to fully dry before letting the kids play with this Valentine's Day craft!

Another great Valentine's Day craft is Valentine's Day cards. These are perfect for whatever purpose you have. If you know a soldier serving overseas, have your children all make valentine's day cards to show him or her how much they love him or her. Your children can make these Valentine's Day crafts for the other kids in their class instead of buying the box filled with cookie cutter cards.There really is no limit to whom your children can make these cards for! Here are some ideas for Valentine's Day craft cards.

First, make sure to buy tons of construction paper. Kids are notorious for trying one thing and then deciding that they like something else. Chances are they will cut out a million hearts and only glue half a dozen onto the card itself. Second, for this Valentine's Day craft buy some quality cardstock paper for the actual card itself. This will make sure that the card is durable and will hold up, and this is especially important if you are mailing it overseas. Plus, you will not have to worry about your child over saturating it with glue or tearing it! Finally, invest in some glitter because every kid loves to glitter up these Valentine's Day crafts!

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