Jenny Phillips Sings For LDS Young Women

By Louis A. Wotring

The noted vocalist, Jenny Phillips, and the LDS young women have a powerful connection. Jenny puts the annual theme for the young women of the Church Of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints to song every year in CD form.

Again this year, Jenny has compiled her collection of Rise And Shine Forth songs that promotes the 2012 theme. With more than 500,000 CD's sold, Jenny has appealed to church followers and especially the young women. Jenny has a large audience that has furnished enduring praise for the artist's enriched music and motivational message.

The LDS young women were informed by LDS President Henry B. Erving that their primary objective is to rise above the spiritual downturn and the moral toll that has swept across the country. LDS young women are expected to apply their faith to every aspect of their private and spiritual life.

The Latter-Day Saints maintain that pursuing a virtuous life requires a certain mindset that is challenged by the clothes they wear, the manner in which the young women speak and even by their social conduct on the Internet. The music of Jenny Phillips reflects the artist's firm belief and faith through a beautiful voice that makes her message very clear.

All members of the church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints respect Jenny's faith that inspires young women to maintain their commitment to Jesus Christ. Church followers elevate their belief in Jesus Christ at the center of their lives.

As LDS young women mature, the verses they have recited since early years endergo new and insightful changes. The Young Women are regarded as the guardians of virtue.

All Jenny's music is fashioned to build, hearten and motivate these guardians of virtue. Like the readings in the Book of Mormon, Jenny's message helps to highlight the wisdom behind the very principles upon which the Church of Jesus Christ is founded.

Jenny's endearing delivery and poignant lyrics make it clear that the artist wants her audience to rejoice in their faith. Jenny has been graced to read so many notes of support from members of her religion. Her message has the calm, soothing commitment for her beliefs that comes directly from her heart and spreads to her audiences.

Jenny's viewpoint is emotionally and spiritually convincing. Jenny lives and rejoices of her dedication to Jesus Christ. Jenny wishes that her LDS young women followers will find the calm and virtue that is Jenny Phillips.

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