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By Velma Roberson

Dallas, Texas has produced another great singer, songwriter in Cole Ford. Not only does this musician write his own lyrics and music, but he also plays the instruments and does all the singing on his albums too. Hard work and passion are at heart of his work.

The music could be categorized as Indietronic. He brings together what he sees as the best of indie, electronic, pop and rock into an organic whole that appeals to a wide audience. He has a uniquely melodic voice that reverberates one moment and soothes the next.

Like other independent artists these days, Ford is using the Internet to establish and expand a broad fan base. Fans can follow and subscribe to his music on a variety of music websites. In true artist form, he engages his fans in the music-making process. The music is central to an intimate relationship between fan and musician as he seeks an authentic response.

There is a website where fans of his music can stop a track at any point and comment on the lyrics, music, or whatever moved them. This is invaluable in providing immediate feedback about a song and assessing what is great about it. It also provides an opportunity for Ford to really understand his fans and what draws them to him.

He freely gives away his music, a trend for many new artists today. He says he does this to bring the music to the people. With humility, Cole asks listeners to share the music with their friends if they think it is good enough to deserve being heard. By placing his trust in his fans and in himself, he is able to significantly grow his support.

Cole Ford currently has two albums released and available for download. His first solo album which was released in early 2012 is called Playtime. More recently, Broadway Trash became available in April, 2012. You can grab your free download at any of several social and music websites across the Internet, as well as his own website.

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