There are a large amount of choices when talking of ipod and iphone docking stations

By Steve Sharp

The Fluance FiSDK500 iPhone/iPod speaker-dock system is a high-quality product that costs less than other similar systems. One reason for the lower price may be that Fluance is a Canadian company trying to break into the speaker-dock market that has always been controlled by giants such as Bose and Sony. Irrespective of the reason may be for its relative affordabilityâ€"and $200 is cheap for an iPhone/iPod dockâ€"consumers will benefit if they are prepared to take a gamble on a relative unknown.

The Fluance FiSDK500 sets itself apart by its design. Unlike many docks that are made of inexpensive plastic, the Fluance is made from top quality fiberboard. The wooden retro design of the speaker layout allows for the installation of soft-dome tweeters and fiberglass woofers, both of which are virtually unheard of in docks in this price bracket. Some have complained about the size and weight given that they're slightly above average for this sort of device. If sleekness and portability are key factors, then maybe that complaint is valid. However , if a consumer would like a distinctive-looking machine that blast music loudly without distortion, the Fluance FiSDK500 is the right choice.

This machine docks both the iPod and the iPhone, making this a better deal than a sound dock that only allows either. Users can hear music and interact with their iPhones while the machines are charging, and the featured auxiliary output allows media lovers to watch films or music videos contained on the iPhone on the big screen while listening to the sound portion through the Fluance FiSDK500 iPhone/iPod speaker-dock system. Even better users can hook up other mp3 devices and phones employing a standard RCA connection.

The Fluance FiSDK500 provides home theater sound quality through leading-edge technology that produces distortion free bass, warm midrange, and gorgeous natural highs. The amplifier assists with sound accuracy, and all these elements work in cooperation to produce high fidelity sound that is infrequently found in this particular price bracket.

While breaking into a field in which the name is so vitally important is hard, Fluance has made a worthy attempt with its Fluance FiSDK500 iPhone/iPod speaker-dock system. This is the best iPod dock for price and functionality, especially given the wooden sound chamber as well as the addition of tweeters and woofers. Whether or not most shoppers are willing to spend $200 on a speaker product that does not say "Bose" or "Sony," those customers who do purchase the Fluance FiSDK500 may not be disillusioned.

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