A List of Great Scary Movies to Watch from Recent Years

By Luke Carter

Forget about the fact that it can be a scary movie; The Ring is just an awesome film. The plot is captivating in addition to a great movie to watch for anyone who wishes that they liked horror films but have a hard time getting through it. It can be scary but incredibly interesting, and Naomi Watts provides great performance.

Another incredibly frightening film, containing somewhat of a realistic feel to it is 28 Days Afterwards. Starring the great Irish actor Cillian Murphy in his breakout role, this film takes place in the United Kingdom following a devastating disease where most of the country has become really... "Sick." This is a lot more than just a zombie movie; it is an incredibly suspenseful film that has a somewhat post-apocalyptic feel to it.

My preferred horror film in recent memory however goes toward The Descent. It is a story about 5 girls who go exploring in the unmarked cave and properly, as you can imagine, everything pretty much goes wrong. I won't say anymore, but The Descent is undoubtedly a horror film worth viewing.

While remakes generally are certainly not good, I very considerably enjoyed The Hills Get Eyes remake. It has been scary, over the best, horrific, and even funny from time to time. I will not go into details, but there is one scene within this movie that has stayed beside me, and is certainly not for any squeamish.

Lastly, Sunshine, by Academy Prize winning director Danny Boyle is actually another fantastic film. While it may not be a true horror film by itself, its plot is scary and realistic and at the very least, it can be termed suspenseful. . If you are some sort of horror movie fan, you probably want to see the many 2011 horror movies trailers offered, and make an idea about what the top horror movies of 2011 will be. Though you might be described as a great fan of your horror genre, you might possibly not have the time to see these. This is exactly why, people like viewing trailers in advance and make a strategy about movies. You can find a myriad of quality 2011 horror flicks trailers available online, so this part should be really easy. Although there have been 1000s of great quality films launched through the years, people never seem to have enough.

Writers and directors face serious challenges coming up with original topics that will get fans all over the world into cinemas. However, real talent can't end up held down by lack of ideas, as it actually feeds on challenges. If you're curious about how scary genre writers and administrators have managed to live up to the challenge and get 2011 memorable, you can access most of the greatest 2011 horror movies trailers online and get every piece of information you want. Viewing trailers is a great method of anticipating best wishes things horror movies have to offer, without having to use someone else`s description, and perhaps personal interpretation of that. Viewing a trailer is much like getting a taste of the cake, that will help you decide if you want to eat the entire slice of not.

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