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By Julian Troth

Written, recorded and performed by Gotye, 'Somebody I Used to Know' is a single that brought the artist the single of the Year ARIA Award in November 2011. It features New Zealand singer Kimbra, and it's became an global hit from its release on July six, 2011. The song lyrics convey the singer's emotion and experiences with previous love relationships.

The tune has obtained very optimistic critical appreciations, being on the leading position of Australian music charts for eight weeks consecutively.

Gotye, 'Somebody I Used to Know' also topped the charts in the United kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria, Eire and Germany. Because of the achievement with this particular track, equally Kimbra's and Gotye's previous albums charted in the top 100 in Australia.

According to Universal Republic, the song continues to be sold in more than four.five million copies worldwide as of April 2012. In the United states, Gotye 'Somebody I Used to Know' peaked at number 1 in Alternative Songs and Rock Songs charts, becoming also charted second on the Billboard Hot 100.

Tv series like Glee, Gossip Girl or 90210 highlighted the tune, increasing its publicity and reaching even further viewers. Gotye 'Somebody I Used to Know' performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! marked the singer's tv introduction, in February 2012. Kimbra joined her co-singer for the event.

As for that video clip, both the initial and also the cover edition by other artists have gone viral, getting extensively appreciated and acquiring YouTube hits from thousands and thousands of around the world visitors.

The official video clip therefore is very uncomplicated, nevertheless, creative in principle and imagery. It completely displays Gotye's inventive flexibility. The body painting part complements the message of the lyrics.

Gotye 'Somebody I Used to Know' is about having loved and lost. It usually depicts the falling out of love, as the previous subject of powerful love turns into an acquaintance, a figure from your past... consequently the title along with the refrain 'Somebody I Used to Know'.

Deep voices, stunning sound, clarity of note and most critical, lyrics that stuck to the listener's head whilst speaking to the heart.

The single of the Year prize undoubtedly demonstrates the influence that Gotye 'Somebody I Used to Know' has had on viewers. The public now expects the artist to perform the single as section of all activities and concerts where he takes part. When you have gathered so much appreciation, and worldwide recognition, it is only natural to build on it...

Far more progress is expected from Gotye in 2012. In the mean time, the strike 'Somebody I Used to Know' carries on to please fans in cover variations played by well-known bands and musicians. It really is absolutely incredible what reputation provides about for gifted and hard-working singers like Gotye!

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