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Growing up Amanda Michelle Seyfried is the daughter of a pharmacist and an occupational therapist in the contemplative Allentown. As a model she was in his early years before the camera, and before she had her high school diploma in his pocket, she was first seen on soap operas.  "Today you are popular and successful, and tomorrow you'll be back at the bottom. It scares me how it will happen to me so that when that happens," says Amanda Seyfried. Here, the actress has also currently making absolutely no idea, because 2010 is her big year and it was seen more often on the big screen, as many a seasoned Hollywood star. 

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Here, the pictures were not a hindrance in their children's modeling comp card. Even later, when she appeared for the first time in a movie, they benefited from their previous snapshots: In 2004, she starred opposite Lindsay Lohan in "Mean Girls - Mean caution." Unlike her, 

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Amanda takes a scandal-free life without alcohol and drugs. It has not hurt their career. Amanda Seyfried had a major break four years later with "Mamma Mia". In the musical film, they stood together with stars like Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep in the limelight and was perceived as leading lady. 

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In 2009 she played the girlfriend of then sex symbol Megan Fox in "Jennifer's Body - Jennifer's Body" before they "Chloe" again landed a major role, and critics hailed as blonde seduction. It was followed by "Dear John" and "Letters to Juliet". Since then, Amanda's diary and a full movie chasing the next project. Since it is not always easy to maintain the relationship with friend and actor Dominic Cooper upright. 

Amanda Seyfried Hot wedding Photos

They have established themselves in 2007 during the filming of "Mamma Mia!" met and have been together ever since. Occasional relationship breaks are not uncommon, however, because while Dominic is on the stage, Amanda travels the world and turn in different places. She says: "I want to learn so much to know about travel, money and enjoy my freedom is certainly not unimportant, but I'm grown up in a family that was happy without money.."

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