Pure Quality In Schecter Omen 7 String Guitar

By Abe Schaefer

Pure quality is what you get in the Schecter Omen 7 String Guitar. A lot of times you hear, you get what you pay for, well that may be true in most cases too. But with these guitars you really are getting the deal of deals. You're getting great quality that cost a lot less than you would think it should cost. Some that have been able to afford a more expensive brand still choose this one because it's not just a great deal, it's such a wonderful instrument.

It is a well constructed piece of art and keeps in tune, which is a real plus. This company emphasizes on the guitars construction, it's got a solid neck, it's very lightweight, and the attention to detail and overall quality of this instrument are all impressive. It is so worth the cost of this instrument, and it's so great to be able to get something these days that really should cost more but you're getting it for less.

It's made of mahogany body with a quilted top. And a maple neck with rosewood fret board and Schecter Diamond plus pickups. Which is known by artists to give it excellent play-ability. The sound is very nice too, great for the audience and for the artists a like.

It's a highly recommend piece of art, causing the artist who plays it to play even better. In sound and in the fact that it's easy to handle makes it so wonderful. From the tuners and bridge and knobs for volume and tone, it's unbeatable. Not to mention the coil tap's are also perfect, there's just nothing bad to say about it.

It feels very solid in your hands, a really great aspect when handling this instrument. It's also absolutely beautiful in looks and this means a lot to many who play. So not only a great instrument in playing but one that's an absolute eye pleasing, you can't get better than that.

What a great time you will have playing with friends, or recording and writing your own music. It's more than satisfaction you will be getting from this great instrument. It's good for anyone, from professionals to beginners to everyone in between.

If you're in the market for a good quality instrument, with an unbeatable price, then you're going to definitely want to check out the Schecter Omen 7 string guitar. You will be so happy you did, and you will not be able to not show it off. You're going to be able to recommend it to others because it's so hard not to spread good news around.

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