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She had obviously been unpleasant colleagues: " Rihanna  hot " could get enough at work not for a new film at the Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård. For calming their nerves tense on the set, however, saw a different star.

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New York - When it comes to Rihanna and soulful eyes, you can usually assume that the singer is idolized. While shooting for the film "Battleship" but it was the 24-year-old who took a colleague in exactly the look.

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"Alexander Skarsgård is so hot," said the singer of the British magazine "More". You have to have very dominate. "I could stare at him all day long. I've just watched him on set." When the shooting was Skarsgård "really sweet" was.

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Maybe did Rihanna say a compliment Skarsgård had made ​​her last year. At that time, the Swede had been praised for their professionalism. Of this he was very impressed, he told the magazine "GQ". 

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After a day of shooting was Rihanna times just flown to Los Angeles for the MTV Music Awards, then immediately flew back, come back to the shooting and have been working all day. "No complaints, nothing."

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Quite so simple it was, according to Rihanna, but then it does not - but for a different reason. She had been intimidated at her debut as an actress in a major film by the other actors very much. Actor Taylor Kitsch, who plays in the film also caused, apparently for help. They have had many scenes with kitsch, so Rihanna. "He helped me."

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