Things to find out when thinking about live bands for hire

By Tim Norton

With so many bands to select from it's challenging find out which are going to be worthwhile if you can't locate a gig to listen to them perform. As there is not any other true method to check out a band, here are some tips to help you thin down the selection.

Just what volume For the reason that live groups will have a very different understanding of what sound level is good, you should definitely talk about what your event will be. - Very loud & energetic - Background music - Shake the room - Fill in around speeches

Identify which instruments the group plays on An all electric group is going to be loud & best for a party however, not so great for a wedding day - but not all the time. Using a quality sound desk & numerous loudspeakers makes it possible for the volume level to remain manageable much more consistently around the area. Acoustic instruments together with a vocalist can be badly mixed due to amplification mostly for the singer so that you end up getting plenty of vocal & not really a lot of musical instrument at the back of the room.

Find out whether they have an online site Frequently you can see demo footage on-line along with a song list. This is a good area to get a feel for the bands form and quality.

The cost Naturally you'd like to know you can afford these guys. For a guideline, a band will likely charge $150-200 for each person performing. A band that's really good and gets plenty of reservations will cost you a good deal more. Some bands in addition expect to have an evening meal included in the payment when playing for the entire night. This is awkward if it's not discussed prior to the hiring. Don't forget to go over the amount to save lots of yours along with the bands time.

Where have they performed previously Ask about several of the previous performances. This will assist you find out what their specific style will be and just how much experience they have actually. If they're undertaking bar shows, what are the places like? Tough or alternatively high end. Have they got a blend of private and public functions? What other groups have they played with? Seek out people you can call up who have booked them to find out if they were completely happy.

Make the booking If you are satisfied with what you have found, get the booking! Good live bands end up being ordered many months ahead. You should never leave it up until the eleventh hour.

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