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Celebrity in The News : Miley Cyrus

To Miley Cyrus sizzles and the rumor mill, there's no tomorrow. Some say the actress would scratch himself, then turned up a few photos in which she reportedly wears no underwear, and finally hear and read about current time and again, the 19-year-old was suffering from anorexia. Especially the latter made ​​them understandably furious.

Miley Cyrus Hot leaked body Pictures 2012

But how do these rumors come about? The fact is that Miley has taken off recently. This is, however, probably mainly due to their strenuous Pilates because she sees no way out of emaciated, but by properly trained ( photos! ).

Miley Cyrus Hot Body Wallpaper 2012

Nevertheless, the allegations were simply no stopping them, so that the former "Hannah Montana" star is now on Twitter said it.

Miley Cyrus Hot Tattoos

In fact Miley has not verkennendes stomach problem, but it really has an eating disorder by now not to do a thing. "To all who call me anorexic:

Miley Cyrus Hot Hunger Games Movie

I have a gluten-and lactose allergy. It's not about weight, it's about health, "she turned the wrong messages properly.

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Miley Cyrus Hot photos 2012

Miley Cyrus Hot hair 2012

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