New Mexican Telenovelas for Your Fun

By Michael Anderson

Nigerian Soap operas/drama productions, rocked our Tv set screens back in the days (especially inside the 80's), which transcended in to the 90's from Dick Crow at Dawn, Small town Headmaster, Mirror in the Sun, Guiding the Clouds, Ripples, Brain Bending, to Elastic Blues, Checkmate, Fortunes, and the like. Foreign comedies as well dominantly through the USA and Great britain gave Nigerians a worth a darn fun time looking at experience, such as The Jeffersons, Fun, Sanford and Sons, Various Strokes, Mixed Delights, Mind your language, Medical doctor in the House, Rising Dam, A few Mothers do have all of them, Rent A Blurry, amongst others. Unfortunately, that they stopped the transmit of these programmes along with Nigerians had to be content with the actual stream of neighborhood productions that were flung in your faces.

However, "The Wealthy Also Cry" back in the past due 80's set the particular precedent for a plethora involving Latin American telenovelas (dominantly via Mexico) and in some cases Venezuela, to be able to flood our displays. It was the first Telenovela in which ruled the Nigerian stereo back in the days. Following the viewership struck recorded, "Secrets of the Sand", "No One particular But You", "Lady of the Rose", "Maria signifiant los Angeles", took effective turns in interesting Nigerians with the latin United states flavoured stories.

Nonetheless, the revival involving telenovelas on our displays returned with a massive bang in June 2006 with "Cuando Seas Mia(when you find yourself mine)" together with 238 episodes starring Paloma/Elena Olivares( Silvia Navarro), Gustav Sanchez Serrano (Sergio Basanez), broadcast on Photography equipment Independent television (AIT) with 9pm and MITV at 7pm through Monday to Comes to an end. To say the least, at such times particularly at 9pm, women, young adults, children and amazingly a good number of the adult men folk tuned in order to AIT's frequency to watch fresh new episodes of the system.

Nonetheless, the revival regarding telenovelas on our monitors returned with a huge bang in August 2005 with "Cuando Seas Mia(when you're mine)" using 238 episodes starring Paloma/Elena Olivares( Silvia Navarro), Senke Sanchez Serrano (Sergio Basanez), broadcast on Cameras Independent television (AIT) in 9pm and MITV at 7pm coming from Monday to Fri. To say the least, at such times particularly at 9pm, women, teenagers, children and amazingly a good number of the guys folk tuned to be able to AIT's frequency to watch refreshing episodes of the system. Great was the actual response to the telenovela in which even with the epileptic power source in the country at that time(which usually hasn't changed) family members were seen thirstily powering on the machines to watch, while people that didn't have one could end up being spotted at open up bars, clubs, neighborhood restaurants, shops, neighbours/ buddies apartments gladly viewing same.

The ledge hanger moments had been always heart halting and at the end of every single episode splinter groups would certainly emerge, giving their own views about what took place in various scenes inside episode, what might and couldn't are actually done by a particular personality, who they thought was the accountable party, and a idea of what would happen within the next episode. To miss a sequence was to miss out big! and those who did overlook it where witnessed the next day eagerly wondering to be filled in about the details by their own friends at educational institutions, offices etc. All of the actors and stars played their functions well and not one was found wanting. Yells of Paloma, Diego, These witches (Barbara, Berenice, Angela), Mariano, Fabian and other personas never failed to come up throughout discussions. It was an excellent story which stored Nigerians glued to their Tv's at the fixed periods. Thumbs up to the set of scripts writer, casting overseer, director, and the whole crew who produced our viewing satisfaction a memorable one.

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