Latest pics of Actress Geena Davis Photos

Name:--- Virginia Elizabeth Davis,born:--- 21 January 1956,Country:---United States, films:--Beetlejuice,Stuart Little,Thelma and Louise,The Fly,A League of Their Own,The Accidental Tourist,Thelma and Louise,Tootsie,Accidents Happen,Boffo! Tinseltown's Bombs and Blockbusters,Stuart Little 2, Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild,

Latest pics of Actress Kerry Washington Photos

Name:--Kerry Washington,born:--- 5 January 1977Country :---United States, films:--Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Fantastic Four,Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer,The Last King of Scotland,Save the Last Dance,The United States of Leland,Ray,Mother and Child,Good Hairm,A Thousand Words,For Colored Girls,Night Catches Us,The Details,A Thousand Words,

Happy Grooooooooovy Halloween!

 Disco Diva in the building!Fashion Avenue glitter gold top, American Apparel black dolphin shorts, American Apparel thigh high socks, Vintage roller skates, Buffalo Exchange Afro wig Me and my HOT Dog boyfriend! Dead Marilyn YIKES! Halloween's not Halloween with out Candy Corn!Happy Halloween all you little ghouls and gremlins!xxM

Photo Story: Roughin It

 Last weekend the boyfriend and I, along with our good friends Matt and Tash, spent the weekend camping up in Big Bear. This was my first time doing the 'real' kind of camping. We slept in a tent (with no blow up mattress), roasted weenies in the camp fire, went hiking through the woods, brushed our teeth outside and peed in the wilderness! It was great, I felt at one with nature!It was a perfect

Latest pics of Lady GaGa Photos

Name:--- Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanottaborn:--- 28 March 1986Born:---United States, TV Shows:--American Idol,Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Hills,Friday Night with Jonathan Ross,MTV Video Music Awards 2009,The Hills,MTV Video Music Awards 2010,Miss Universe Pageant,

Latest pics of Chiaki Kuriyama 栗山千明 Photos

Name:--- Chiaki Kuriyamaborn:--- 10 October 1984Born:---Japan, films:-- Kill Bill: Vol. 1,Battle Royale,Ju-on: The Grudge,Ju-on: The Curse,Azumi 2: Death or Love,  Battle Royale,The Sky Crawlers,Last Quarter,The Great Yokai War,Neck,Kamogawa Horumo: Battle League in Kyoto,The Vulture,Komori seikatsu kôjô kurabu,

Latest pics of Actress Helen Hunt Photos

Name:---- Helen Elizabeth Huntborn:--- 15 June 1963Country:---United States, films:--Cast Away,What Women Want,As Good as It Gets,Twister,Pay It Forward,The Waterdance,Bob Roberts,Soul Surfer,Every Day,Then She Found Me, Bobby,A Good Woman,

Latest pics of Dasha Astafieva Photos

Name:--Dasha Astafieva,born:-- 4 August 1985Country:--Ukraine,

Latest pics of Actress Eva Mendes Photos

Name:--- Eva Mendesborn:--- 5 March 1974Born:---United States, films:--- Hitch, Once Upon a Time in Mexico,Knocked Up,Training Day,Ghost Rider,We Own the Night,Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans,The Other Guys,The Women, The Spirit,

Latest pics of Makenzie Vega Photos

Name:-Makenzie Vega, Born:--10 February 1994, Country:--united states, films:--Sin City ,X-Men: The Last Stand,Saw,The Family Man,Just My Luck,Made, in the Land of Women,

Latest pics of Supermodel Irina Shayk Photos

Name:- Irina Shayk. Born:- january 6,1986 Country:- Russia,

Latest pics of Supermodel Yaya Kosikova Photos

Name:-Yaya Kosikova, Born:--5 september 1986, Country:--Slovakia 

Latest pics of Japanese Actress Ryoko Shinohara 篠原 涼子 Photos

Latest pics of Chinese Actress 李曼低 Photos

Latest pics of Demi Moore Photos

Name::--- Demetria Gene Guynesborn:-- 11 November 1962Country;---United States, films:--Ghost,Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle,The Hunchback of Notre Dame,A Few Good Men, G.I. Jane,Deconstructing Harry,Flawless,Mr. Brooks, Bobby,LOL,Happy Tears,Bunraku,Margin Call,Another Happy Day,

Latest pics of Katie Holmes Photos

Name:---- Kate Noelle Holmesborn:--- 18 December 1978Country:--United States, films:---Batman Begins,Phone Booth,Thank You for Smoking,The Gift,  Wonder Boys, The Ice Storm, Go, Jack and Jill,  The Son of No One,The Extra Man, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark,The Romantics,

Latest pics of Parker Posey Photos

Name:---- Parker Christian Posey born :---8 November 1968Born:---United States, films:--Superman Returns,You've Got Mail,Scream 3,Blade: Trinity, Dazed and Confused, Amateur,Waiting for Guffman,Henry Fool,Clockwatchers,Hemingway & Gellhorn,Happy Tears,Spring Breakdown,The Eye, 

Latest pics of Actress Juliette Lewis Photos

                                                                                                              Name: Juliette Leona Lewisborn:--- 21 June 1973Country:---United States, Films:--From Dusk Till Dawn,Natural Born Killers, What's Eating Gilbert Grape?,Starsky & Hutch,Old School,Whip It, Husbands and Wives,Hick,Sympathy for Delicious,The Switch,Due Date,

Latest pics of Actress Kelly Macdonald Photos

Name:--Kelly Macdonald born:-- 23 February 1976Country:--United Kingdom, films:--Trainspotting, Finding Neverland,No Country for Old Men,The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy,Elizabeth,Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,All the Invisible Children,In the Electric Mist,Skellig: The Owl Man,Choke,The Merry Gentleman,

Latest pics of Clea DuVall Photos

Name:--- Clea Helen D'Etienne DuVallborn:--- 25 September 1977Born:--- United States, films:--She's All That,The Grudge,21 Grams,Zodiac,Girl, Interrupted,Ten Inch Hero,The Laramie Project,The Killing Room,Conviction, Passengers,Anamorph,

What I Wore: Business On Top

Urban Outfitters printed blazer, Gap denim shirt, Lucky Brand black jeggings, BP leopard loafers, Buffalo Exchange geometric necklace...And party on the bottom. Hello, leopard screams party! So glad I finally snagged a pair of leopard loafers. I've been trying to find the perfect pair that also didn't empty my wallet! Gotta love BP at Nordies! Oh and I'm kinda obsessed with mixing prints, just

Latest pics of Actress Thandie Newton Photos

Name:---- Thandiwe Adjewa Newtonborn:--- 6 November 1972Country:--United Kingdom, films:-- 2012,The Pursuit of Happyness,Mission: Impossible II,Crash,Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles,Besieged, RocknRolla, Retreat,Vanishing on 7th Street,For Colored Girls, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People,

Latest pics of Top Model Erica Campbell Photos

Name:--- Erica Rose Campbellborn:-- 12 May 1981Country:--United States,

Latest pics of Bryce Dallas Howard Photos

Name:---- Bryce Dallas Howardborn:--- 2 March 1981Born :---United States, films:--Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show,Spider-Man 3,The Village,Apollo 13,How the Grinch Stole Christmas,Terminator: Salvation, Manderlay,To Each His Cinema, Good Dick,Parenthood, The Help, Live with It,Hereafter,The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,

Latest pics of Actress Minnie Driver Pictures

Name:---- Amelia Fiona J. Driverborn:--- 31 January 1970Country:---United Kingdom, films:--Good Will Hunting,South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut,Princess Mononoke,Tarzan,The Phantom of the Opera,Princess Mononoke,Barney's Version,Big Night,Sleepers,  Goats, The Deep, Motherhood,Barney's Version,Conviction,

Meryl Streep Hot and Famous Hollywood Female Celebrity

Meryl Streep Hot News and Info 
Popular and Famous Hollywood Actress

Meryl Streep Hot Photos

Meryl Streep Biography 

Mary Louise Streep (known as Meryl Streep). Born on June 22, 1949 in Summit, New Jersey (USA). As a teenager, Meryl Streep is destined for a career as a singer. She discovered the scene and took courses in drama at Yale University before joining the Phoenix Repertory Theatre in New York. It appears for the first time in the movies Julia ( Fred Zinnemann , 1977) and knows the consecration in 1978 with Journey to the End of Hell . 

While companion John Cazale , she accepted a secondary role in the film of Michael Cimino to be with the actor, sick with bone cancer. It was she who undertook to write his lines in order to give more weight to his character. For this performance, she received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress and an Emmy Award for his role in the series Holocaust . In 1980, she managed to grab the famous gold statuette for her portrayal of unfit mother in Kramer against Kramer . Meryl Streep then specialized in the roles of women both fragile and strong, battered by life or by others, as in The French Lieutenant's Woman (1981) by Karel Reisz and Sophie's Choice (1982), which won the Oscar for Best Actress. 

It also proves that she can call the characters of women from the middle class , sometimes portrayed in their everyday ordinary, sometimes immersed in a particular context, as in The Mystery of Silkwood ( Mike Nichols , 1983). The biggest players, like Robert De Niro ( Falling in Love , 1984) and Jack Nicholson ( The Force of Destiny , 1987), the tear is to give the reply. Meryl Streep goes from love story that ends badly ( Out of Africa , 1985) to the impossible love with The Bridges of Madison (1994), directed by and starring Clint Eastwood . 

Often confined to dramatic roles predestination receive an Oscar ( Marvin , Backlight , The Music of My Heart , The Hours ), the actress most "nominee" of film history, however, attempts to vary the genres: undead in fantasy comedy The Death Becomes Her (1992), she tries to raft the needs of the thriller The River Wild (1995) and embodies the manipulative politician's remake A Manchurian Candidate (2004). After the tragedy is to comedy turns Meryl Streep joining Jim Carrey in The Grim adventures of the Baudelaire orphans , which she played the wacky and neurotic Aunt Agrippina. She then, brilliantly, the features of the Jewish mother in protecting classified secrets (my therapist) of Ben Younger . Then the actress chose Ant Bully him to take his first steps in the animation by lending his voice to the queen ants. In 2006, she played a country singer in The Last Show , the latest film from Robert Altman . 

She then joined the adaptation of the novel by Lauren Weisberger , The Devil Wears Prada , where she takes pleasure in tyrannizing the young actress Anne Hathaway , a role which earned him another Oscar nomination for Best Actress. Meryl Streep multiplies the genres that are not alike. The year 2007 was marked by two films very closely related to political news. Lions for Lambs whose theme is the war in Iraq, she starred alongside Tom Cruise , directed by Robert Redford . Then Rendition a thriller disturbing on the detention of suspected terrorists. The following year discovered yet another facet of the actress plays Donna since, the main character of the musical Mamma Mia! adapted to the screen by Phyllida Lloyd .

Latest pics of Hilarie Burton Photos

Name:-- Hilarie Ross Burtonborn:-- 1 July 1982Country:--United States,

Latest pics of Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar Photos

Name:--- Sarah Michelle Gellarborn:--- 14 April 1977Born:---United States, films:--Cruel Intentions,I Know What You Did Last Summer,The Grudge,Scream 2,Scooby-Doo,Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film,The Air I Breathe,Night Watch,Veronika Decides to Die,Possession,TMNT,The Air I Breathe,

What I Wore: Bringing The Boots Back

Forever 21 black blazer, Buffalo Exchange high low top, American Apparel shiny leggings, Boutique 9 knee high boots, Moms vintage leather purseYIKES! Did fall finally decide to show up? I sure hope so, because I'm sooo excited about chilly weather wear.On that note...let's welcome back a pair of my fav boots and my Moms old vintage leather satchel. Score! xxM

Latest pics of Actress Jamie Lee Curtis Photos

Name:--Jamie Lee Curtis, born:-- 22 November 1958Country:--- United States,films:--Freaky Friday, True Lies,My Girl,Halloween,A Fish Called Wanda,Road Games,Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film,Escape from New York,You Again, Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation!,Beverly Hills Chihuahua,Insider Trading: The Making of 'Trading Places',

Latest pics of Ilary Blasi Photos

Name:--Ilary Blasi,  born:-- 28 April 1982Country:--Italy,

Latest pics of Winona Ryder pictures

Name:---- Winona Laura Horowitzborn:--- 29 October 1971Born:---United States, films:--- Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice,Being John Malkovich,Zoolander,Girl, Interrupted, Black Swan,Star Trek,Night on Earth,Being John Malkovich, Frankenweenie,The Dilemma, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, Stay Cool,

Latest pics of Myleene Klass Photos

Name:--Myleene Klass, born:-- 6 April 1978,  Country :--United Kingdom,tv:--Never Mind the Buzzcocks,The X Factor, I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!,Loose Women, The Paul O'Grady Show, Popstar to Operastar,

Latest pics of Supermodel Aida Yespica Photos

Name:-- Aida Maria Yespica Jaimeborn:-- 15 July 1982Country:--Italy,

Latest pics of Actress Bonnie Wright Photos

Name:--- Bonnie Kathleen Wrightborn:--- 17 February 1991Country:--United Kingdom, films:--Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,Geography of the Hapless Heart,

Latest pics of Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif Photos

Name:--Katrina Kaif, Country:-U.K, Born:--16th july 1984, Films:--Dostana 2,Mere Brother Ki Dulhan,Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara,Tees Maar Khan,Raajneeti,De Dana Dan,Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani,Blue,New York,Yuvvraaj,Hello,Singh Is Kinng,Race,Welcome,Partner,Namastey London,Hum Ko Deewana Kar Gaye,Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya,Sarkar,Boom,

Latest pics of Bipasha Basu Photos

Name:--Bipasha Basu , Born:--7th january 1979, Country:--india, Films:--Zameen, Ishq Hai Tumse, Aetbaar, Rudraksh, Rakht: What If You Can See the Future, Madhoshi, Chehraa, Viruddh (Special Appearance), Barsaat, No Entry, Apaharan, Shikhar, Hum Ko Deewana Kar Gaye, Darna Zaroori Hai, Phir Hera Pheri, Ajnabee, Raaz, Aankhen, Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai, Chor Machaaye Shor, Gunaah, Jism, Footpath,

Latest pics of Bollywood actress Dia Mirza Photos

Name:-Dia Mirza Country:-india, born:-december 9 1981,films:-Phir Hera Pheri, Alag, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, Deewaanapan, Tehzeeb, Pran Jaaye Par Shaan Na Jaaye, Dum,Shootout at Lokhandwala, Cash, Dus Kahaniyaan, Krazzy 4 and Jai Veeru.Naam Gum Jaayega, Blackmail, Parineeta, Dus, Koi Mera Dil Mein Hain, Fight Club, Phir Hera Pheri, Alag, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Honeymoon

Latest pics of Selita Ebanks Photos

Name:--Selita Ebanks, born:-- 15 February 1983, Country:--Cayman Islands, TV-The Apprentice, The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, The Tyra Banks Show, Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit 2007, 

Latest pics of Actress Michelle Rodriguez Photos

Name:--Mayte Michelle Rodriguez, Born:--july 12 1978, Country:--America, Films:--Girlfight,The Fast and the Furious,3 A.M.,Blue Crush,Resident Evil,S.W.A.T.,Machete,Avatar,Trópico de Sangre,Fast & Furious,Gardens of the Night,Cats: The Movie,Battle in Seattle,The Breed,BloodRayne,Control,

Latest pics of Actress Sharon Stone Pictures

Name:--- Sharon Vonne Stoneborn:--- 10 March 1958Country :---United States, films:--antz,casino,total recall,basic instinct,last action hero,sturdust memories,the celluloid closet,broken flowers,the mighty,the burma conspiracy,streets blood,$ 5 a day,the year of getting to know us,

What I Wore: Stripes on Stripes

Zara striped sweater, Luck Brand striped tank, Forever 21 cropped ankle skinnies, Quipid 'dicker' bootie, DIY collar necklaceWhy not spice up your case of the Mooondays with some nice stripe on stripe action!? I love stripes for this a little menswear inspiration (there's that collar detail again). Also, I'm soo excited about these booties! I've been drooling over the Isabel Marant

Latest pics of Actress Tara Reid Photos

Name:--- Tara D. Reidborn:--- 8 November 1975Country :---United States, films:--american pie,the big lebowski,american pie 2,cruel intentions,urben legend,senior skip day,madtv,piranha 3dd,veteran's day,clean break,7-10 split,

Latest pics of Actress Selma Blair Pictures

Name:--- Selma Blair Beitnerborn:--- 23 June 1972Country:---United States, films:--legally blond,cruel intensions,hellboy,scream 2,hellboy 2: the golden army,lies & alibis,storytelling,kids in the hall:brain candy,feast of love,columbus circle,the family tree,the poker house,my mom's new boyfriend,

Latest pics of Zooey Deschanel Photos

Name:--- Zooey Claire Deschanelborn:-- 17 January 1980Country:--United States, films:--the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy,almost famous,(500)days of summer,yes man,elf,the go-getter,flakes,my idiot brother,your highness,do it again,the happening,

Latest pics of Shannon Elizabeth Photos

Name:---- Shannon Elizabeth Fadalborn:--- 7 September 1973Born:----United States, films:--american pie,scary movie,love actually,american pie2,jay and silent bob strike back,the grand,night of the demons,deal,cursed,the kid and i,

Latest pics of Eiko Koike Photos

Name:--- Eiko Koikeborn:-- 20 November 1980Country:--Japan,

Latest pics of Anna Kendrick Photos

Name:-- Anna Kendrickborn:-- 9 August 1985,Country:--United States,Movies:--Twilight, The Twilight Saga: New Moon,Up in the Air, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,  The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,Rocket Science,50/50 ,

Latest pics of Jessica Alba Photos

Name:--- Jessica Marie Albaborn:--- 28 April 1981Born:---United States, films:--sin city,fantastic four,knocked up,never been kissed,fantastic four:rise of the silver surfer,meet bill,awake,machete,little fockers,the killer inside me,an invisible sign,spy kids 4:all the time in the world,

Latest pics of Judy Greer Photos

Name:--- Judith Laura Evansborn:--- 20 July 1975Country:---United States, films:--the village,who women want,13 going on 30,adaptation,elizabethtown, the cat returns,the go-getter,three kings,love and other drugs,peep world,henry's crime,barry munday,the descendants,

Latest pics of Penélope Cruz Photos

Name:--- Penélope Cruz Sánchezborn:--- 28 April 1974Born:--- Spain, films:--vanilla sky,chicken run,blow,vicky cristina barcelona,volver,all about my mother,pirates of caribbean:on stranger tides,open your eyes,broken embraces,sex and the city 2,nine,g-force,the cannibalistic councillor,

Latest pics of Deanna Russo Photos

Name:-- Deanna Russo,born:-- 17 October 1979,Country:--united states,movies:--Believers, Rest Stop,Whisper of the Heart ,Porco Rosso,

Latest pics of Jennifer Aniston Pictures

Name:---- Jennifer Joanna Anistonborn:--- 11 February 1969Country:---United States, films:--bruce almighty,anong came polly,the break-up,office space,he is just not that into you,the iron giant,marley and me,wanderlust,just go with it,horrible bosses,the bounty hunter,the switch,

Latest pics of Dakota Fanning Photos

Name:--- Hannah Dakota Fanningborn:----23 February 1994Born:---United States, films:--war of the worlds,my neighbor totoro,coraline,i am sam,the twilight saga:new moon,the secret life of bees,the runaways,the twilight saga:eclipse,rise,

Latest pics of Beyonce Knowles Photos

Name:--Beyonce Knowles,Born:--4 sept 1981 Country:--USA

Latest pics of British Model Michelle Bass Picture

Name:--Michelle Bass,Born:--2 feb 1981 Country:--UK

Latest pics of Gina B Photos

Name:-- Georgina Bakoborn:-- 6 May 1978Country:--Hungary,

Latest pics of Isha Koppikar Photos

Name:-- Isha Koppikarborn:-- 19 September 1976,Country:--India,films:--Don,Hum Tum,Salaam-E-Ishq, Fiza, Company,36 China Town, Hello,You Must Be Scared,Raakh ,

Latest pics of Alice Braga Photos

Name:--- Alice Braga Moraes,born:-- 15 April 1983,Country:-- Brazil, Movies:--I Am Legend,City of God,Blindness,Predators,Repo Men,Elysium,

Latest pics of Jaime Pressly Photos

Name:--Jaime Pressly,Born:--30july 1977,Country:--USA

Timothy Olyphant Hot Hollywood Actor in Biography

Timothy Olyphant Hot News and Info
Popular Hollywood Actor  

Timothy Olyphant Biography

Born on May 20, 1968 in Honolulu, Hawaii (USA). Timothy Olyphant took courses in drama and theater in California before joining the New York studio of William Esper , where he received an award for her performance in the play The Monogamist (1995) by Christopher Kyle. 

While he stood out in the water sports, he turns away to pursue his vocation as an actor: it appears in the pilot of the series Mr. and Mrs. Smith (1996) and in an episode of Sex and the City (1998). He was later chosen to maintain law to Deadwood , where he plays Seth Bullock for two seasons (2004-2006). After a few minor roles, the actor landed a nice big screen debut in 1996 in The First Wives Club alongside Diane Keaton and a more visible in A Life Less Ordinary by Danny Boyle . 

He then obtained an important role in Scream 2 (1997) Wes Craven , where it marks the memory of Mickey in the skin, the serial killer movie fan. Drug dealer in Go (1999), he became inspector in 60 Seconds (2000), then agent a porn star ( Elisha Cuthbert ) in the comedy The Girl Next Door (2004). Timothy Olyphant then played alongside Jennifer Garner in Catch and Release prior to participating in Stop Loss , a committed film on the rejection of the Iraq war. 

His role as villain in Die Hard 4 - Back to Hell confronts him with Bruce Willis and he is on the side of gangsters with Hitman , where he endorses the range of the killer in the adaptation of the famous video game produced by Luc Besson , before rethreading of his costume Sheriff Seth Bullock for two TV movies of Deadwood , which conclude the series. The actor tries again to comedy with the story of turning crazy High Life in 2008, along with Joe Anderson . 

He finds the actor the following year, in the remake of the horror film George A. Romero , The Crazies , in which he endorses once again the uniform of a sheriff, this time ready to save his city from a biological weapon.

View more Timothy Olyphant Hot News and Leaked Photos

Latest pics of Emily Mortimer Photos

Name :---Emily Mortimer born:--- 1 December 1971Country:---United Kingdom, films:---notting hill,match point,shutter island,howl's moving castle,scream 3,city island,paris, i love you,my idiot brother,cars 2,hugo cabret,harry brown,

Latest pics of Lisa Daniels Photos

Name:-- Lisa Daniels, born:-- 2 September 1977Country:--Colombia,

Latest pics of Anne Hathaway Photos

Name:--- Anne Jacqueline Hathawayborn:--- 12 November 1982Born:---United States flims:---brokeback mountain,the devils wears prada,alice in wonderland,the princess diaries,the princess diaries 2: royal engagement,the cat returns,rachel getting married,family guy presents: its a trap,rio,one day,love and other drugs,

Inspired: Menswear Mania

Jason Wu bow blouse, £875, Oasis oversized top, £25, Animal print blouse, $76, Zara jacket, $100, Double breasted coat, $471, Roberto Cavalli jacquard jacket, $3,410, Calvin Klein Collection slim fit jacket, $315, Vanessa Bruno Athé cocktail, pants, $520, Dolce Vita low kitten heel, $69, Surface To Air snakeskin shoes, $222, Christian Louboutin flat slip on shoes, £765, Wooden heel shoes, $100, 

Latest pics of Adrianne Curry Photos

What I Wore: All Buttoned Up

What I Wore: H&M light pink collared tank, H&M denim jacket, Forever 21 red skinny jeans, Vintage Cole Haan loafers, House of Harlow station necklace. Recently obsessed with being all buttoned up. I like my shirts with the buttons done up and a statement necklace under my collar. I just love how clean cut and put together it looks.Collared shirts and loafers? I think I might be loving menswear...

Latest pics of Adrienne Frantz Photos

Name:-- Adrienne Frantz,Born:--7 june 1978 Country:--USA

Latest pics of Zoe Saldana Photos

Name:---- Zoe Yadira Zaldaña Nazarioborn:--- 19 June 1978Country:---Dominican Republic, films:---pirates of caribbean:the curse of the black pearl,the terminal,avatar,star trek,vantage point,the skeptic,colombiana,death at a funeral,the losers,

Latest pics of Adrianne Palicki Photos

Name:--Adrianne Palicki, born:-- 6 May 1983Country:--United States,

Latest pics of Shawnee Smith Photos

Name:--- Shawnee Smithborn:--- 3 July 1970Born:----United States, films:---armageddon,saw,the island,saw 2,saw 3,going to pieces:the rise and fall of the slasher film,leaving las vegas,annie,kill speed,saw 6,the gurdge,saw 5,

Latest pics of Mexican actress Adriana Fonseca Photos

Name:--Adriana Fonseca,Born:--16march1974 Country:--MEXICO

Latest pics of Adele Silva Photos

Name:--Adele Silva,Born:--19 november 1980 Country:--United Kingdom

Latest pics of Abbie Cornish Photos

Name:--Abbie Cornish,born:-- 7 August 1982,Country:--Australia, Movies:--Elizabeth: The Golden Age ,Sucker Punch, Candy, A Good Year,Limitless,Somersault, Bright Star,Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole,The Girl, W.E,

Latest pics of Aarti Chhabria Wallpaper

Name:--Aarti Chhabria,Born:--21movember 1982 Country:--India

Latest pics of Emily Browning Photos

 Name:--- Emily Jane Browningborn:-- 7 December 1988,Country:--Australia,Movies:--The Uninvited,Ned Kelly,Sucker Punch, Ghost Ship,Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events,  Sleeping Beauty,Stranded, 

Latest pics of Milla Jovovich Photos

Name:---- Milica Natasha Jovovichborn:--- 17 December 1975Country:----Ukraine, films:--the fifth element,zoolander,resident evil,resident evil:--apocalypse,resident evil:-extinction,chaplin,dazed and confused,he got game,the claim,keep coming back,the winter queen,vykrutasy,faces in the crowed,the three musketeers,

Latest pics of Michelle Monaghan Picture

Name:--- Michelle Lynn Monaghanborn:--- 23 March 1976Country:---United States, films:--mr. & mrs.smith,constantine,the bourne supermacy,mission:impossible 3,kiss kiss bang bang,gone baby gone,north country,source code,machine gun preacher,due date,somewhere,made of honor,

Latest pics of Joanna Krupa Photos

Name:--Joanna Krupa, born:-- 23 April 1979  Country:--Poland,movies:--Planet of the Apes,The Dog Problem, Max Havoc: Curse of the Dragon,Ripple Effect,The Underground Comedy Movie, 

Latest pics of Pamela Anderson Photos

born:-- 1 July 1967Name:-- Pamela Denise AndersonCountry:--Canada,Movies:-The Commuter.Costa Rican Summer, Meat the Truth,  Superhero Movie,Blonde and Blonder, MADtv,Scary Movie 3,Scooby-Doo,Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson. Futurama, Baywatch,The Nanny,Home Improvement,Married with Children, Futurama,-

Latest pics of Julie Andrews Pictures

Name:---- Julia Elizabeth Wells born:--- 1 October 1935Country:---United Kingdom films:---shrek 2,shrek the third,the princess diaries,mary poppins,the sound of music,victor/victoria,despicable me,the americanization of emily,new year's eve,shrek forever after,tooth fairy,the boys:the sherman brothers' story,

Latest pics of Daveigh Chase Picture

Name: Daveigh Elizabeth Chase-Schwallierborn 24 July 1990Born:--- United States, films:--donnie darko,a.i.artificial intelligence,the ring,spirited away,lilo & stitch,s.darko,the ring two,carolina,silence,

Latest pics of Carla Gugino Photos

Name:--- Carla N. Guginoborn:--- 21 August 1971Country:---United States,films:--sin city,night at the museum,watchmen,american gangster,spy kids, sucker punch,the lookout,mr.popper's penguins,i melt with you,girls walk into a bar,new year's eve,

Latest pics of Deepika Padukone Photos

Name:--Deepika Padukone Born:--january 5,1985, Country:--india, films:--rana,aarakshan,desi boyz,dum maro dum,khelein hum jee jaan sey,break ke baad,lafangey parindey,housefull,karthik calling karthik,love 4 ever,main aurr mrs khanna,love aaj kal,billu,chandni chowk to china,bachna ae haseeno,om shanti om,aishwarya,snegithiye,

Latest pics of South Indian Actress Piaa Bajpai Photos


Latest pics of Marley Shelton Photos

Name:--- Marley Eve Sheltonborn:--- 12 April 1974Country:-- United States, films:--sin city,death proof,never been kissed,pleasantville,planer terror,grindhouse,scream 4,elektra luxx,the mighty macs,a perfect gateway,women in trouble,

Latest pics of Julia Stiles Photos

Name:--- Julia O'Hara Stilesborn :---28 March 1981Country:---United States, films:--mona lisa smile,the bourne ultimatum,the bourne supremacy,10 things i hate about you,the bourne identity,edmond,the cry of the owl,gospel hill,the omen,

Latest pics of Marilyn Monroe Photos

Name:-- Norma Jeane MortensonBorn:-- 1 June 1926 Died:-- 5 August 1962Country:--United States,Movies:--  L.A. Confidential, Some Like It Hot, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Seven Year Itch,Smash His Camera , La rabbia di Pasolini, Bigger Stronger Faster,Something's Got to Give,The Asphalt Jungle, The Misfits, 



Latest pics of Byelorussian women Photos

Tani Faredo, singer Natalya Kudrina (Venera), singerJanet, singerIrina Iteyra, singer and business-lady Natalya Kudrina (Venera), singerGalina Shyshkova, singer, anchorwoman and actress.Elena Michalovskaya, television anchorwoman.Elena Grishanova, singerAnna Bondarchuk, circus artist.Alesya Yarmolenko, singer

Latest pics of Indian actress Aarti Chabria Photos wallpapers

NAME:--Aarti Chabria BORN:---21 NOV.1982 COUNTRY:--INDIA, FILMS:---KISSE PYAR KAROON, JEET: FEEL THE FORCE, MILENGE MILENGE,RAJA BHAIYA,AWARA PAAGAL DEEWANA, Tumse Achcha Kaun Hai, Lajja, Akanksha,Shaadi No. 1,Ssukh, Aham Premasmi, Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo, Raja Bhaiya, Awara Paagal Deewana,

Latest pics of Oxana Fedorova Photos

Name:-- Oxana Gennadievna Fedorovaborn:-- 17 December 1977Country:--Russian Federation

Latest pics of Stefania Fernandez Photos

Name:-- Stefanía Fernández Krupijborn:-- 14 September 1990Country :--Venezuela

Latest pics of Miss Universe Jimena Navarrete Photos

Name:-- Jimena Navarrete Roseteborn:-- 22 February 1988Country ;--Mexico

Latest pics of Sophie Howard Photos

Name:-- Sophie Howard,Born:--24 feb1983, Country:--England,

Latest pics of Jena Malone Photos

Name:--Jena Malone born:--- 21 November 1984Country:---United States, films:---donnie darko,into the wild,pride & prejudice,howl's moving castle,contact,sucker punch,michael jackson-history on film-vol-2,bastard out of carolina,jack and diane,for ellen,five star day,the soloist,

Latest pics of Estella Warren Photos

Name:-Estella Warren, Born:--23dec1978, Country:--Canada

Latest pics of Ksenia Sukhinova Photos

Name:-- Ksenia Vladimirovna Sukhinovaborn:-- 26 August 1987Country:--Russian Federation

Latest pics of Hansika Motwani Photos

Name:--Hansika Motwani ,Born:--may9,1991,Country:--India, Films:-koi mil gaya,hawa,escape from taliban,Aabra ka dabraa,Jaago,Hum kon hai,Desamuduru,Aap ka Surroor,Bindaas,Kantri,Money hai toh honey hai,Maaska,Billa,Jayeebhabe,He..the only one,Oru kal oru kannadi,Kandireega, TAGS- CHILD ARTIST,ACTRESS ,TAMIL,KANAAD,TELEGU,HINDI,MOVIES,FILMS,BEST FILMFAIR AWARDS DEBUT,SOUTH ACTRESS,

Latest pics of Kate Beckinsale Photos

Name:----- Kathryn Bailey Beckinsaleborn:--- 26 July 1973Country:---United Kingdom, films:--click,the aviator,van helsing,pearl harbor,underworld,nothing but the truth,much ado about nothing,uncovered,haunted,underworld 4:new dawn,contraband,everybody's fine,whiteout,

Latest pics of Kylie Minogue Photos

Name:--Kylie Minogue,Born:--28may1968,Country:--Australia,

Latest pics of Mayra Veronica Photos

Name:--Mayra Verónica Aruca Rodríguez Country:---Cuba, Born:---August 20, 1977, Tags:-- actress,model,singer, recording artist,tv personality,grammy awards,

Latest pics of Toni Collette Photos

Name:---- Antonia Colletteborn:--- 1 November 1972Country:---- Australia, films:--the sixth sense,little miss sunshine,about a boy,the hours,in her shoes,mary and max,the black balloon,fright night, hey hey it's easther blueburger,how to lose friends and alienate people,