Mary Poppins Review - A Broadway Show by Disney

By Raag Vamdatt

The Broadway play Mary Poppins has been written by Julian Fellowes, an Academy Prize-winning screenwriter. Richard Eyre is the director of this show and Matthew Bourne is the co-director. Here is a complete Mary Poppins Review - A Broadway Show in New York City.

The Plot

A family living at 17 Cherry Tree Lane features in Mary Poppins. The family looks to be a perfect and content one - having a beautiful mum, nice looking dad and their two youngsters.

But this doesn't tell the inside story of this family. Jane and Michael, two kids of this family, are definitely chaotic in nature and no nannies may be able to set themselves forcibly in the family. Jane and Michael's father decides to hire a new nanny.

This is the time when Mary Poppins gets engaged as the nanny. Mary Poppins is neither a common nanny, nor a typical human. The kids become amazed as Mary Poppins supplies them with the opportunity to see and savour a world outside their residence that is brim-full of obsession and amusement.

The family is modified fully, and Mary Poppins, the creator of all of these great occurrences, parts ways with the family in the final analysis.

Some Songs From Mary Poppins

- Chim Chim Cher-ee - This song is played at the start part of the show. Bert sings this song.
- Cherry Tree Lane Part 1 - George and Winifred Banks, Jane and Michael, Mrs. Brill, and Robertson Ay sing this song
- The Perfect Nanny - Jane and Michael sing the tune
- Cherry Tree Lane Part 2 - George and Winifred Banks, Jane and Michael, Mrs. Brill, and Robertson Ay sing this song
- Practically Perfect - Mary Poppins, Jane and Michael is used to sing the tune
- Chim Chim Cher-ee (Park Reprise) - It is the park reprise version and like the prior one, Bert sings this song also
- Jolly Holiday - Bert, Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael, Neleus, and the Statues sing the song

Mary Poppins User Review

The show in itself was supercalifragilistic! Like the title of one of the tunes "Practically Perfect in everyway". The acting was terrific. Steffanie Leigh and Gavin Lee's performances were original and new but still kept to the charming characters that Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke created in the 1964 movie. The Tony Award winning sets blew my mind away, every tiny detail was not missed.

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