South African Clothing Has Class

By Jacklyn Ochoa

South African clothing has a lot of style and charisma associated with it. Many articles of dress comprise this country's wardrobe such as shirts, dresses, and caps worn by mostly women, but sometimes men as well.

The Madiba shirt, for example, is worn in South Africa and is made of silk and usually worn in bright colors. Well-known people such as Nelson Mandela have worn it. It was actually named after his clan called, 'Madiba'.

Different tribes show their uniqueness by what they wear. Animal hide is common usually in the form of a skirt. Women wear necklaces covering their breasts and men wear cheetah skin. This typically shows a man who has power in the tribe in some way. This can turn into pride when one wears such expensive and luxurious material.

Some tribes wear blankets called the Seanamarena along with a hat shaped like a cone. They perform many rituals that have been controversial but their attire remains sought after and almost inspirational as the colors provide comfort and joy. Rituals have contributed to a culture's choice of dress for thousands of years. If one does a certain dance, for example, they must wear certain clothes to express their feelings about the dance. If they call upon a Higher Power in a warmer climate such as a sweat room, they must wear lighter attire.

This nation has also become infiltrated with many foreign styles that have added to its sense of design. American brand names and other foreign made products have made their way into the country's collective dress. Each of the new styles adds to the nation's fashion and its culture.

South African clothing is classy and elegant. With many bright colors and unique animal prints, it has appeal and aesthetic beauty. The styles here are sought in other parts of the world as well.

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