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By Katerina Trolova

The Russian language is a Slavic one belonging to the Indo - Western european group of languages. You'll find Russian as one of the languages spoken in most EU states. Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan are the major nations where the great majority of people speak Russian. Russian music has been highly regarded nowadays with even non-Russians crooning to those.

It is easy to get a good spread of Russian music from different genres. These include Dance, Techno, Modern Pop, Old Russian music, Hip-hop and so on. You can easily buy classical russian music and downaload tracks from several online websites having a host of songs from the best Russian artists.

Modern Russian music has made quite a buzz in the music scene. Some of the best artists are as follows

Dima Bilan - A functional PR, silky voice and chocolate boy looks has made Dima one of the most asked for Russian musicians. He was sent as the music representative from Russia in an extremely popular competition called Eurovision that showcases EU pop from all over the world, in the year 2006. Dima secured the second position thus turning into the poster boy of modern Russian music.

Maksim Leonidov - Maksim set up the Musical band Systems and was the nation's eighties musician heartthrob. But he shifted base to Israel when the USSR slumped. In Israel, he nurtured his many talents, which included acting and singing. He used to be a part of theater, films, sitcoms etc as a talented actor. Leonidov, in the year 2003, returned to his country Russia. He arranged a new rock group called Hippoband. The band's specialty was rock-n-roll retro music and groovy pop numbers.

Shazoda - Zilola Musaeva is the birth name of musician Shazoda. She has her roots from Uzbekistan. Shazoda has been one of the most famous musicians of the pop genre since the year 1998. She has released numerous albums with songs in Uzbek only. She even collaborated with in the popular song 'Mezhdu nebom i zemloy ' with DJ Smash which released in 1998. This song was in Russian language. She released three albums in the year 2009. One was released in Tajik, the others in Uzbek, in Russian respectively.

Anna Sedokova - Anna has been a popular Russian pop artist and was the member of the girl's pop band, VIA GRA, which had created waves with their hopeful music. She also sang songs in English, and many of her Russian songs and English dissolved in them.

These artists are some of popular Russian musicians. It's easy to get more songs from the site and become an ardent listener of Russian music.

If learning new languages is your bag Russian is one you need to definitely try learning. There are lots of online easy-to-learn courses in Russian language that would help you to master the language with some help from their straightforward step by step techniques.

These instructions will teach you essentials of Russian words and grammar. The Russian language uses Cyrillic alphabets and as a beginner, you have to have knowledge of those. A little bit of practice and you may be a pro at this language.

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