A General Guide To Folk Art Chimayo New Mexico

By Deena Lawson

Folk art Chimayo New Mexico is one of the most popular of its kind worldwide. It is typified by handwoven items, paintings on wood and pottery, all done in authentic Southwest Indian style. These items are often featured in galleries and museums as well as sold commercially throughout this charming city, which is a hub for native American art.

There is some interesting history associated with this city. It was originally founded near an Indian hot spring with healing properties. After the Spanish conquest brought the Catholic religion, a religious man, Abeyta, saw a mysterious light. Following it, he found buried in the sand a crucifix.

An adobe and plaster church, call El Sanctuario, was built on the spot where the crucifix was found. The clay soil there is supposed to have healing powers. Today many Catholic pilgrims from around the world go there to pray for healing.

This art features religious paintings on wood done in primitive style. The hand woven wool blankets in typical Southwest Indian designs are also typical. These blankets can also be used as floor rugs, wall tapestries and other kinds of room decor. Vibrant colors such as earth reds, beige, and black are used in the designs.

This native art style is also typified by clay pottery in both historic and contemporary Navajo designs. The pottery ranges from clay bowls and platters glazed in earth colors to terra cotta figurines. Another feature is handmade wood carvings and bronzes.

folk art chimayo new mexico is particularly unique not only because it offers many beautiful room decor items but because it helps preserve an art form that has existed for generations. It is helping to keep alive the Navajo Indian traditions and sense of identity. Many people also enjoy having these colourful and unique designs in their homes.

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