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By Campbell Quinn

Tom Ford glasses are almost definitely the most sought after designer fashion accessories in the world.

The rich and famous from all industries line up to be the lucky first few to grab new Tom Ford eyewear, glasses, and sunglasses. One of the most influential and recognizable wearers is Angelina Jolie, a real fashion maven.

With his hands in every category of fashion, both at home in America and abroad, Tom Ford has come to define high style. And he designs more than just eyewear. He also has leading collections in men's and women's fashions with a solid collection of colognes and perfumes to round out the groups.

But the talent of Tom Ford does not end there. He also makes movies. In fact, he directed (and wrote and produced) a fine movie called: A Single Man. Its leading actor, Colin Firth, was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar. That's just another way that style overflows from Tom Ford- and into every pair of Tom Ford glasses.

Tom Ford Glasses Design

A most recognizable trait of Tom Ford eyewear is its juxtaposition of sleek panache and adventurous color combinations. Nobody else does it so well. This eyewear finds the balance between opulence and elegance that many European designers can't match.

Tom Ford glasses draw upon classic shapes like the aviator, the wayfarer, and the oversize frame, but do so with a decidedly modern approach. Understated homage is paid to the designs of yesteryear, but style is not sacrificed for dogmatic history.

On the contrary, Tom Ford draws on these inspirations and creates beautiful new styles that are at home in the modern century. You will often know the designs by the subtle metal "T" emblem built into the temples.

The person who wears Tom Ford exudes a sense of wealth and class, but they don't brashly brag of their great accomplishments. These people select Tom Ford eyeglasses because the style and grace so obvious in the well crafted forms closely match their own sense of taste and balance.

Tom Ford glasses do what they are meant to with quality, elegance, and panache.

Tom Ford's Path to High Design

Thomas Carlyle Ford was born in Austin, Texas and spent most of his childhood in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He moved to New York City as a teenager and enrolled at New York University as an art history major.

He studied at Parsons School of Design in Paris during an overseas exchange program. He changed his major to architecture, which was the degree he eventually earned.

After graduating, Tom Ford took on the role of Womenswear Designer for Gucci in Milan. They could see from the start that he was the most talented designer in the company- a rising star. It was them that he first took an interest in designing fine eyewear- and interest that would one day turn into Tom Ford glasses. It was 1990.

Promotions at Gucci came easily for Tom Ford. in 1992, he became Design Director. In 1994, he was promoted again to Creative Director with responsibility for all clothing and perfumes, Gucci's entire brand strategy, and design of their boutiques. He was only 33 years old.

Gucci bought Yves Saint Laurent in 2000. And who better to lead the new acquisition than Tom Ford. Tom took on the role of Creative Director for both YSL and Gucci. He was again successful at building the new brand and was chosen as the Vice Chairman of Gucci Group- a post previously held by men twice his age.

But total creative freedom still eluded Ford. In 2004 he resigned from Gucci following a buyout by Pinault Printemps Redoute.

In April 2005, Ford stepped out on his own and created the TOM FORD brand. He led all design, as always, and partnered with Marcolin Group to produce and distribute his Tom Ford glasses.

From then on, the brand has grown in reputation to win honors from the Council of Fashion Designers of America and TIME Magazine, to name just two.

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