Online tools for editing and producing videos

By Harrison Jung

The internet has revolutionised how people do most things and new programmes and applications are being created all the time so that people can get more out of their time online. One of the biggest changes which the internet has brought is how simple it is for a person to create, edit and share their own video with thousands or even millions of people around the world. There are numerous online video production tools which people can use to give their video the look they want.

Today's technology means that nearly all mobile phones have a video camera built into them and almost everyone has a mobile phone too. Video cameras have also become much cheaper and these factors have made it possible for anyone to create a video and share it online. One of the largest obstacles previously was making a video look good but there are numerous online video production tools that people can use now too.

One of the many video production tools which are on offer and which is extremely popular is Magisto. A lot of people either don't have the time or the patience to produce the video after it has been filmed. This is where Magisto excels because users just have to upload their video to the site and Magisto automatically edits it and it does so for free as well.

Another popular video production tool is Stroome. Stroome is commonly used for slightly larger productions as it allows access from multiple team members who can access the video and edit it together. Stroome also allows people to get help from experienced editors on Stroome and this can help them learn Stroome far more easily while still getting an excellent finished video.

The introduction of the iPad and numerous offerings from Apple's rivals has also led to a lot of video production tools being available to download from the internet to be used whenever. iMovie is one of the most popular tools because of how easy to use it is but also the excellent finish to videos which it offers also. iMovie also lets users work on multiple videos at the same time before sharing them.

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