The Things You Should Know About Green Card Lottery

By Willie McGuire

A Diversity Immigrant Visa Program is a delegation of a lottery program for accepting a permanent resident card from United States. It is conducted annually by their Department of State. The green card lottery gives permanent residential visas to natives in different countries that have low rates of transmigration to the United States.

The program's goals is to widen the population of the diversity of the trans-migrants in the States. Usually, the available number of slots is fifty thousand. They choose applicants from places that have a low rate of migration to the United States in the last five years.

There are ineligible countries who had sent their natives in the past five years. They have become ineligible of the program since they have already sent fifty thousand people. Some of these countries include the Philippines, Canada and China.

Although there are also exemptions. The fifty thousand people they are referring to go to America are for the trans-migrants who were transferred through family-sponsors, employment, or for those who have relatives in the said country. This is because countries like Cuba, Iraq and Guatemala and many others are not part of the ineligible list.

The distribution is based by regions. Whoever wins the lotto must meet the specific requirements needed by the U. S law with an interview afterward. To name a few requirements, they will be needing applicants with a high school diploma or two years work experience that had a two-year training.

In order to join this program, one must only register and send their information via electronic form to the website owned by the U. S Department of State. You should register for the time being that the registration period is still available. You should remember that there will be no fees charged.

However, you should b careful that there are con artists who will talk you into paying a sum of money. They would tell you that if you pay, you get your green card lottery much faster. Never believe emails that states you already have your residential card unless they are from the Department State themselves.

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