Choosing The Best Marine Speakers For Your Yachting Pleasure

By Flora Vinson

Yachting is one way to savor life's luxuries while marveling at Mother Nature's wonders. The ambiance of being at sea is enhanced by listening to good music. Surely, there are music lovers at sea, and it is for them that the best marine speakers are made.

Choosing the audio system for your boat must follow stricter criteria than those of land-based systems. The vessel, of course, has limited space and has nooks and crannies which are awkward for conventional speaker systems. In addition, your sound system will also be exposed to the elements, like rain, snow, extreme sunshine and of course, saltwater.

Water and electronics make for a deadly combination. Add that to the fact that these devices are exposed to harsh elements, like saltwater, rain and snow. It is therefore imperative that the speaker which you will use have the best weatherproofing capabilities and are well ruggedized.

Sound quality is of course the main factor to consider. All sounds, whether high or low must be reproduced properly and in high fidelity. Voice should also be audible in this setup. There should be no dead spots or spaces where the sounds could not be heard, since the marine speaker installation is also a capable system for emergency communications in the ship.

Power consumption should also be consummate to what the vessel can provide. It should be able to run in low voltage, DC power. In larger vessels, though, this is less of a problem, since the engine can provide more power to the vessel. In addition, it should also be able to run on batteries, as a safety precaution.

The best marine speakers are value for money. Value is more important in this regard, since the system, when installed, becomes part and parcel of the boat.

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