Ultra Records And Dance Music

By Chloe Gib

Electronic dance in the mid 1990's was a strong musical presence, with a vibrant image and dedicated fan base. Many record companies recognized the significance of this movement and tried to jump aboard the band wagon, but the market leaders such as Ultra Records had an edge, and finger firmly pressed to the pulse of the current and relevant musical trends of that time.

Electronic dance music had started to pack nightclubs and be featured more and more at festivals as the 1990s progressed. Some of dances biggest selling artists at that time were starting to make major waves on a global scale, and the importance of dance remained intrinsic to the social landscape of many cities around the world.

Rock music suffered some major blows in the 90s; tragic circumstances had ensured the careers of some of the best bands in the world had come to a premature end. While the fans of this genre reeled in shock from the awful events that had transpired, dance music continued to evolve and claim more and more fans worldwide.

The British genre of 'Brit-pop' had started to make some real waves on the scene in the mid 90s. This and dance music becoming the only real competitors on the table for the accolade of most popular style of music in Britain. In many cases fans favoring each style equally and attendance at these gigs was consistently on the up.

At the back end of the 1990s and into the millennium the popular music scene was set to change yet again. 'Brit-pop' was on the wane along with rock music and the inevitable resulting gaps in the market could be investigated on an experimental level by the prevailing dance gurus of that time, whose profiles were rising as they continued to tour and write new dance music.

The major festivals around the world had also started to alter the way in which they conducted their affairs, with the headliners of some of the most globally reputable events starting to represent dance music artists. This seemingly uncomfortable shift in the ways of the festival giants would only bolster dance music's hold on the scene.

As time unfurls the top record companies and industry professionals have had to change their game along with the rapidly moving world of music. The advent of internet marketing was behind forcing the hand of change. Ultra Records is one of few remaining companies that have managed to keep up with the ever morphing music industry and enable the development of relevant artists and musicians.

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