Bronze Art Foundry: Basic Care Tips

By Flora Vinson

Artifacts require constant care to keep them looking good and retain their value. An expert in bronze art foundry will be able to guide you on ways to maintain your item properly. It is necessary to have an idea on what is required so that your item remains in great condition. Most of the steps do not cost anything to implement.

When wiping off the surface, ensure that you always use a soft cloth. This, together with a mild soap can be used to clean without any risks. Strong detergents should not be applied on the artifact since they have chemicals that can corrode the surface. If you suspect that a particular detergent might affect the item, try it out first on a small portion.

This should ideally be an area that is not too visible. If problems occur, you will want the area not to be visible by others. Apply the soap on the selected area, clean it up properly and rinse it off. Wait for some time and then observe whether there is any negative effect. If non, you can then proceed and use the detergent to clean the rest of the artifact.

Due to the sensitive nature of the material's surface, rubbing using abrasive brushes or cloths has to be avoided. When in doubt over anything, contact a specialist and get the right advise. It is better to ask for assistance than to risk performing a procedure that may bring about irreparable damage.

Moisture is an agent that reacts with bronze and should also be avoided. The best places to locate your items are those that are well ventilated and are free from dampness or heat. Excessive heat is also not good since it can damage the surface. You should move the item to an alternate location if the present area has bad air circulation, dampness or heat.

The conditions of the weather in a certain location can affect the item's surface by discoloring it. A bronze art foundry expert has the knowledge to aid in caring for the artifacts as required. By choosing the environment properly, many of the common problems are avoided.

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