Extra Work for Extra Pay and Pleasure

By Robert Jackson

Film and tv ‘extra’ perform could be each entertaining and financially rewarding. It's a profession that may be embarked upon at any age within your life. Irrespective of what you appear like, regardless of whether you might be young or old, brief or tall, fat or thin, all these characteristics make up the backdrop to several of our favourite motion pictures.

Let me tell you about George. His story may inspire you to have a go at this kind of work on how to be a movie extra. George was a relatively successful businessman in his own right. He had built up a couple of small businesses to the point where he did not have to be there all day, or even every day. In other words, at the ripe old age of forty five, George had time on his hands. He had no previous experience in the entertainment industry, although it is fair to say he is a garrulous character. He certainly had not acted since he was at school, when his appearances were limited to third shepherd in the annual nativity play. The reason he chose this kind of work was because it gave him freedom. He could choose when he worked; if he was needed at his business he would not do the other. Make no mistake, he never let anybody down. If he said he would do one or the other he did.

George began out by obtaining a little A4 folded style brochure printed. These days you are able to do this on the pc, back then it was not fairly so simple. Anyway, this was his type of company card. He had a (expert) head and shoulders image of himself on the front cover. On the inside he had an additional complete length shot. On the facing page he had all his particulars. Name, get in touch with particulars, his measurements, and his clothes and shoe sizes. All this info produced it simpler for the casting directors to understand at a glance if he fitted their criteria for that specific project as movie extras.

Initially he responded to ads in trade publications like the Stage (Range inside the US), and newspapers. Today it really is significantly less difficult as several world wide web web sites advertise such vacancies. As he began to acquire perform as movie extras casting and got chatting to other individuals carrying out the identical job, he got to understand in the excellent agents, and just before extended he was registered with 3 or 4 agencies and acquiring typical gives of perform.

He has been doing this work for fifteen years now, and has fully retired from his businesses. He has appeared alongside some of the biggest names in television and cinema and has even done location work overseas a few times. George has often been seen, in the background walking the streets of Walford, or mowing a lawn, while all the action takes place in the foreground.

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