Ways To Answer The Query Of What Size Violin Could I Buy For My Child

By Robert Scott

The day has come. Little Johnnie has a wish to take up the violin. As a parent, you don't know the first thing about the instrument and your head repeatedly demands an answer to the question what size violin should I buy for my child. Relax. This is easy. All that is required of you is a device to measure your child's arm span.

To begin, get as accurate a recording of the length of the arm from the neck to the wrist. Measure the distance again, this time from the base of the neck to the palm centre. While you are doing this, ensure that the arm is straight and perpendicular to the body.

An average of the details that you now have will be useful. Go through the information below and correct the right arm length with the right instrument dimensions. In the case of this particular musical instrument, the dimensions for the smaller player come in fractions in comparison to the full sized instrument. When everything is matched up, the child will be able to play without any difficulty.

Dimensions tend to vary over an age gap of two years. So at the bottom of the scale, in the age range of three to five year-olds with an arm length of fourteen inches, dimensions of one sixteenth of a full instrument will be needed.

One that is sized as a tenth will be adequate for a young person from the ages of four to five who has an arm length of fifteen inches. If your child is between four and six years and the measurement you took is around sixteen and a half inches, they will be best served using an instrument that is an eighth smaller. In the range of those who are five to seven, a half size is best.

Moving on to those who are twelve, nine and any age in between, if their measurements came in at twenty one and a half or twenty two, then it is most likely they will fit best with a three quarter size. Anything above twenty two means that a seven eighths will do.

For the eleven year old and above, a score of twenty three inches will mean that it is ok to go for a full violin. So you see, asking yourself what size violin should I buy for my child need not be a headache. Pretty soon, the strains of Mozart will be wafting through your home and all stress will have melted away.

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