How To Become A Ventriloquist Comedian

By Amelia Peck

Lots of different performers make their living by performing on the streets or in front of large audiences. You may eventually run into a street magician, a stand up comedian, or a group of rock stars while trying to find your place in the entertainment industry. If you think you'd be good at making others laugh, and want to do something fun and original, you might be good at being a ventriloquist comedian.

The best way to improve at your craft is to watch the people who came before you. Begin your journey by watching successful ventriloquists perform their act for other people. You'll be able to learn what moves the crowd and what doesn't get so many laughs. When you watch working professionals, you will be able to improve your skills much quicker.

In order to be good you'll eventually have to purchase some instructional books or video tapes. When you read some instructional material, you'll be able to learn the correct techniques to learn the art of ventriloquism. You will learn how to make sounds with your mouth closed and how to talk to your puppet. Remember to practice often.

A good ventriloquist will move his or her lips as little as they can. All lip movement should be kept at an absolute minimum. If you don't know how much your lips are moving, do your act in front of the mirror and try to work on each sound until you get it absolutely perfect.

You'll also have to study comedic performers too. Try taking an acting class to get your energy up. It will also help you engage with your puppet more naturally. Try to watch some famous comedians perform and study how they work.

Being a successful ventriloquist comedian will take a lot of effort on your behalf. However, it can be an immensely fun and satisfying career. Be sure to practice at least an hour every day and work on your act as often as possible. With enough work, anyone can succeed at this field.

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