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By Gerry Floyd

The best thing about Flash games is that you can play them without having to buy an expensive gaming computer or console unit. They load on any computer with an Internet connection and the proper version of Flash Player installed. Armor Games offers a wide variety to choose from, all free to play, and with new titles added on a weekly basis.~Flash games can be played directly on a basic computer, as long as it has a high-speed Internet connection and Flash player. You can play such games for free at the Armor Games website, where a variety of titles are available and new ones are added every week.~Armor Games gives computer users the ability to play a wide variety of titles for free, without having to purchase an expensive console system or gaming computer. Their titles are all created with Flash and work on any computer with a fast Internet connection and updated Flash Player software.

Some of the games that are found on the Armor site are Flash versions of existing titles, such as Pacman, Tetris, and Snake. Donkey Kong, Infinite Mario, and Flash Sonic are also easy to play versions of original console titles. The game play is slightly different than that found in the traditional version, but the characters, worlds, and actions are similar.~Donkey Kong, Pacman, Mario, Sonic, and Tetris are classic console titles that have been given the Flash treatment. Armor offers simplified versions of these games that can be played on any computer with game pay very similar to when they were originally released.~Several classic video games from the 1980s and 1990s have been turned into Flash titles, including Sonic, Mario, Donkey Kong, Pacman, and Tetris. The games have very similar graphics and style of play, so users who have played them in arcades or on consoles will be able to play them again with little to no practice.

Billiards, pool, and fishing also get the Flash treatment here. Just like in the real versions, skills at lining up shots, calculating movements, and timing things just right are required to do well.~Gamers who enjoy showcasing their skills by calculating moves, lining up trick shots, or timing their hand-eye movements just perfectly can try their hand at Flash versions of real life activities such as fishing, billiards, and pool.~Titles such as Billiards, Deluxe Pool and Fishing Champion take real life activities and turn them into games that can be played at any time. They do require some skill in timing, concentration, and calculation to play well, just like in real life.

Though it may seem strange to base a video game on the activities that happen at restaurants, some people find playing such titles enjoyable. Armor has several options for these gamers, including Sushi Go Round, Pizza Making Game, Hot Dog Bush, and Zombie Burger. In some you are required to make food items, while in others you must sell food to hungry customers.~You can also try your hand at making and selling food items in restaurant based games. In Pizza Making Game you get to build your own pizza, while in Sushi Go Round you must sell sushi to hordes of hungry customers. Zombie Burger puts a horrifying spin on this game genre, as you feed burgers to the undead.~Titles based on every day activities, such as making or selling food, have become increasingly popular over the last decade. That is why Armor offers several options of this type, including Sushi Go Round, Pizza Making, Zombie Burger, and Hot Dog Bush.

Deal or No Deal is a popular television game show in America. It involves guessing numbers from a group and hoping there is a prize behind that number. The Flash version works in a similar way. As does the Flash version of Battleship, where players try to "sink" their opponent's ships like in the classic board game.~The traditional board game Battleship is turned into a Flash adventure with the game Battleships. Game play is similar to the original version, though animated graphics and sound effects have been added. The television game show Deal or No Deal is also available to play through Armor Games. You can pick numbers and win virtual prizes.~One of the most popular board games of all time was Battleship, where players placed ship pieces on their side of a board and attempted to blow up their opponent's ships before their own were blown up. Battleships, the Flash version of this title, plays out in exactly the same way. As does the computer version of the television game show Deal or No Deal.

Many people enjoy racing games, so Armor offers several options for them. They can race cars, motorcycles, and ATVs in titles such as 3D Rally Racing, ATV Extreme, Diesel and Death, Dune Buggy, Stunt Dirt Bike, and Uphill Rush.~Racing titles are often popular, so Armor offers a variety of titles that fall under this category. In Stunt Dirt Bike and ATV Extreme, players can race over obstacle courses. They can also drive different kinds of vehicles in 3D Rally Racing, Diesel and Death, and Dune Buggy.~Players can race a variety of vehicles including cars, ATVs, motorcycles, and dune buggys in a series of racing titles. UpHill Rush, Stunt Dirt Bike, Dune Buggy, Diesel and Death, ATV Extreme, and 3D Rally Racing each offer their own version of race courses, obstacle courses, and stunt courses.

Some of the most popular computer and console titles are "shooters" of some kind, so Armor also offers a variety of Flash shooting titles. Fox Fyre, Tank Destroyer, Spec Ops, Sniper School, Raiden X, Full Time Killer, and Fire Will provide a multitude of scenarios, from shooting at terrorists to blowing up armored vehicles.~For those gamers who like to play "shooters, " there are almost a dozen titles specifically geared for you. Sniper School, Full Time Killer, and Spec Ops require players to shoot at their enemies with a variety of guns, while in Fox Fyre and Tank Destroyer you can also use much larger weapons.~While more basic in design and game play than console versions, Flash also includes shooting options. Titles such as Full Time Killer, Fire Will, Sniper School, Spec Ops, and Tank Destroyer give players a variety of scenarios and styles of shooting to choose from.

Sometimes you are looking for a game that will take your mind off of other things but does not take a long time to play or have dozens of levels or skill requirements. Titles like Kitten Cannon, Bug on a Wire, Docking Perfection, Airport Madness, Parking, and Spank the Monkey provide these options on Armor Games.~Armor also has a series of games that don't really fit into any category. You can practice parking vehicles in titles such as Docking Perfection and Parking, or shoot cuddly animals across deadly obstacles in Kitten Cannon. In Airport Madness you try to run an airport through chaotic circumstances, and in Spank the Monkey you simply play by slapping at a monkey.~Armor also offers some titles that don't seem to fit into any specific gaming category. Spank the Monkey, Parking, Docking Perfection, Kitten Cannon, and Airport Madness are all interesting, easy to play, and distracting, even if they aren't racing, shooting, or classic titles.

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