Look into the Qualities and Properties of the Sony 46ex710

By Wilma Witcher

Some homeowners like their televisions to be massive, enjoying larger-than-life entertainment. Others like a modest one in the living room. The Sony 46EX710 will appeal to such homeowners as it has a 46-inch display panel, something not too large or too small. Despite of this, there are a wide variety of features within this full HD unit from the BRAVIA line.

One thing that you will immediately notice about it is the slim profile, measuring only 75 millimeters. While it has a base of its own, it's not unlikely for homeowners to instead mount it on the wall to take advantage of the dimension (compatible wall mounting accessory sold separately). Further making it ideal for wall mounting is the approximately 16.3 kilogram weight of the unit.

What has made it thin and lightweight is because of the type of back-lighting used, which is edge LED system. In here the diodes are lined up at the display panel's edges instead of being scattered at the back. What's so great about this system is energy consumption is made efficient while keeping intact superb image quality. At the end of the month, the electric bill is a proof to that.

Capable of displaying full HD images is the display panel having a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Aside from watching your everyday television programs, the unit is highly suitable for playing back high-definition movies as well as video games. No matter what you use the television for, fine tuning is made possible by the 12 different picture modes available.

Many televisions with thin profiles have difficulty maintaining razor-sharp images. This is especially true when rapidly moving scenes are being played back. To handle this, Sony has employed the 100Hz Motion-flow technology. This effectively gets rid of blurs and also judders by doubling the number of flashed frames every second.

Creating your dream home entertainment system is made possible by the HDMI ports around amounting to 4. What's more, this TV Sync enables you to operate AV components hooked up to the TV by means of a single remote controller. This spares you from the headache of using several different remotes each time. There's also a USB port fitted onto the unit. Such lets you playback images, videos and audio files stored in your USB compatible device.

Perhaps the most drool-worthy feature of this TV is its capability to let you stream videos on the internet. Now you can use your television in enjoying clips or full-length movies available online. Further, the unit is Wi-Fi ready so the use of an optional wireless dongle can make you achieve a setup without the clutter of unnecessary wires.

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