The Art Of Writing Lyrics For Longevity

By Chris Borg

Music has been around for thousands of years. Long before writing lyrics was even a possibility, humans have been creating beats and rhythms for their own enjoyment. Music, in all its forms, is truly something that people don't seem to simply enjoy, but also need.

Humans have not had a monopoly on sound making. Primates, such as chimps and apes, have used branches to beat upon trees, rocks and simply the ground, to make their feelings known. Words were not involved, but they expressed themselves none-the-less. When man began tapping out simple beats, it became a way of enjoying themselves, as well as, eventually, handing down a verbal history.

Storytelling has been around since the dawn of the ages, being passed down from generation to generation. History was repeated in song. These were lyrics of a sort. Even without voices, beats and rhythms were danced to by natives everywhere. Music was a universal language long before it conveyed messages with words.

If you have stories in your heart and they need an outlet, write poetry and add notes at a later time. If lyrics is your thing, let someone else create the sounds to be associated with your words. Song writing can be done from either direction. As long as the words and music come together in a pleasing way, your story will be told.

There are all sorts of artists who write their own music, but many of them have others write the stories for them. Inspiration comes in many different forms, but if you're not feeling inspired, a simple way to come up with ideas is to cut random words out of magazines, newspapers, and even old books. Cut out words, randomly lay them out in front of you, and you might be amazed at what you come up with.

Good song writers do not have to write words that make sense or even rhyme, but they just need to keep writing. The outcome may be a hit song. Even funny songs tell stories, and are full of enjoyment and mirth. Something that happens in your life or is told to you, could end up being a song that helps someone through a bad time. A foot-stomping ditty could also make people happy when they are feeling low.

The enjoyment of music does not come only from creating it by writing lyrics, but also from listening to it. Whether on radio, television, compact discs or videos, happiness can wash over you with a soothing, loving song. Other times, your own feelings of despair, loneliness and loss of a loved one can be reflected back to you through a song.

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