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By Natalie Richardson

Cultures of different countries have become within reach because of modern cinema. Though there are still barriers in speech, the presence of subtitles has made it possible to understand what was being said. As such, different nationalities can stream Bollywood movies and understand them more.

The term Bollywood is often mistaken to mean Indian cinema. However, it is just one version of the many regional cinemas of Indian. It is an informal term used to refer to Hindi cinema. This is a section of Indian film that is produced in Mumbai. Its dialogue is a mixture of English and Hindi.

The development of these films can be accredited to the traditional literature and Indian art as well as Hollywood films. Since Sanskrit drama is a fusion of fantasy and reality, musicals are common in Hindi cinema.

There are two types of genres in Hindi cinema. The first genre is the Masala. Masala films have diverse and unique themes. It is a cross between several types of film genres such as melodrama, romance, comedy and action.

Parallel cinema, otherwise known as Indian New Wave, is another known genre of the industry. Where the other is light and filled with dance numbers, parallel cinema holds a serious and darker tone. This is because it boldly touches socio-political and economic problems. There are several films that have been recognized by the international community.

Films in India are different from other countries in that there are always musical productions. No matter if it is a drama, action or comedy flick, a song and dance number is sure to be one of its highlights. Indian actors are adept in both dancing and singing.

Unlike most foreign films, censorship is a great deal in Hindi cinema. Because of this, those who stream Bollywood movies will find some scenes taken out. A panel of experts will give a review on the overall approach of the film. These experts have the authority to approve or hinder the film's release. stream Bollywood Movies

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