Awesome Sound Requires Technical Excellence Like M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Speakers

By Abe Schaefer

The advent of the digital era killed a great many devices that had strong followings. In the 1970s, the trend in entertainment equipment was audio centric and having a great sound system was the ultimate cool. All that science could have been saved if the M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 speakers had been available then.

The technology behind creating recordings of music and voice has changed radically in the past half-century. Just as computers once filled the room sound machines were large bulky and expensive. Now, thanks to silicon chips and miniaturization in general, they size of the recorder or player is more a matter of style than capability.

Today, small is better, we have seen the creation of the iPod and a wide variety of receivers that can fit in a pocket or purse. It seems that the majority of time people listen to music using nothing more than earphones or ear buds. So it begs the question that if one can listen to the music with such a tiny device, what purpose do amplifiers serve, if any at all?

We hear when our brain interprets ways air waves vibrating the eardrum. Ultimately then re-creating perfect sound is the ability to make eardrum vibrate with the same frequencies as the original source. While miniaturization has allowed for speakers to be created small enough to fit in here the quality of that sound is less than 10 be attained in larger systems.

Amplifiers divide the impulses by wavelength, larger cones vibrate slower producing longer waves we perceive as lower sounds, and smaller ones vibrate faster and create shorter waves we perceive as higher sounds. There is also a mid-range which can be established to focus on specific ranges of vibrations.

The way sound is produced is the same even for tiny amplifiers like earphones, but the tiny oscillating membranes can not reproduce the entire range of sound. It is not true that the larger the amplifier the better the music, but being large enough to cover the audible range of the human ear is important. Beyond the desktop size speakers, however, the only advantage is not better quality, but greater volume.

The selection of what kind of amplifier to use with a desktop workstation is obviously a personal one. If one needs high-quality re-create sounds then a better quality amplifier will be required. The M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 speakers have the ability to produce excellent studio quality without the exceptional price.

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