Review: Contraband

By Janet Lewison

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The Tuskegee Airmen weren't being given much to do during their time in World War II. The untested, but eager group flew around doing missions with very little danger and virtually no fighting. After seeing no action, the young men of the Tuskegee training program finally get their chance to do exactly what they signed up for once the government ran out of options and reluctantly gave them their opportunity to fight. After all of the waiting and hoping, The Tuskegee Airmen finally have their chance to show the world what they're made of.

In a way, Contraband wasn't your typical action movie. Although it had a good amount of action, it didn't have as much as I thought it would and it came at you in a few ways that I didn't expect. The action was fast and aggressive when it did hit the screen, but Contraband relied on more than that. This movie had a lot of twists and turns in its storyline that held your attention. Almost all of these twists were significant to the movie, added suspense and consistently sent the film in different directions.

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As much as I liked Wahlberg's character, Giovanni Ribisi and Ben Foster were the one's who stole the show. Ribisi played one of the coolest dingy and greasy looking bad guys that I've seen recently. This performance just reminded me why I've always viewed him as a very talented and underrated actor. I had no idea that he would be that good and he'd be that fun to watch in this role. Although he was in the movie quite a bit, I still wish he was given more to do.

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There was one part of this movie that I didn't like that concerned one of the main characters. It was a part of the plot that was simply used to add more drama and suspense. It was completely unexpected and the outcome made it worthless, because it didn't serve much of a purpose in the grand scheme of things. That was the only glaring issue that I had and they should have went all the way through with it or they should have just left it out all together. With that being said, it didn't stop the movie from being enjoyable though. Contraband is a movie that wanted to entertain the fans. The writing wasn't great and the film was nowhere near complicated, but it was just an overall fun movie to watch. The actors as a whole put on performances of good quality with Ribisi leading the way and these guys really set the tone for the overall film. I certainly liked watching it and anyone that is strictly looking for fun, action and suspense probably won't be disappointed with Contraband.

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