Buying Tips For Inflatable Movie Screens To Use Outside

By Maurice Amend

Many homeowners are looking for new ways to entertain family and friends in the backyard and an inflatable movie screen may be just the solution they are looking for. These convenient items is able to turn any outdoor area into an open-air theater.

This is the ideal entertainment for a birthday party, barbecue or any festive celebration. Consumers should follow these tips for inflatable movie screens and make sure the screen they buy is durable enough to be set up for use outdoors. Various screen sizes will have different wind tolerances but all products should include takes and an anchor system to be affixed in the ground.

The best feature of an inflatable screen is that it tends to bend and is less likely to break than a stiff frame. If stakes cannot be pounded into the ground because of special landscape features or if the screen is used on a concrete patio bags of sand can be used as weights to keep the screen from blowing too much.

Learn how each product is inflated. Most products are very similar in how they inflate though there are some differences in products that contain internal fans versus those that come with external fans. Some products will blow up faster than others and some may require additional manpower to operate. It is a great idea to know how long the process takes before choosing a product.

A screen with a black frame will offer a better viewing experience. Open zippers are also a common cause for screens not inflating all the way. Choose a product with a black border. This gives the film a special look and helps it stand out. Though some screens have a picture right up to the edge this effect may not be as fun to watch.

Screens that do not have a border may show a picture that looks as though it is fading around the edges. Adding some street lamps or stars in the background can intensify this effect. The homeowner should scope out the viewing area and make sure there is enough room for the guests to sit comfortably.

Projector quality will also affect the overall experience of viewers. A smaller screen that fits the area will provide a better picture for all viewers. You will also want to consider the aspect ratio of the screen. A wide screen ration of 16:9 works best with newer films produced in wide screen format.

A larger screen will work in a smaller space when used with an HD projector. There is no better activity for the family or a small group than to watch films in the back yard on a warm Spring or Summer day.

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