Juan Gabriel

By Octavio Mercas

Are you a fervent supporter of ranchera songs? Well then there is no reason if you have not read or heard something about Juan Gabriel, who's also known as Alberto Aguilera Valadez in actual life. He met the recognized Mexican artist, Jose Alberto Jimenez. His wish to become a pop star some day has made Jose Alberto Jimenez in assisting him. And luckily, at age 21, he sign a contract with RCA Records and went with the name of Juan Gabriel for a better attraction. And over time, he's recorded more than 15 music albums. With his natural talent in performing, he has sold more than 20 million copies of his own albums up to date and has recorded over 1000 songs in numerous makes. He's not merely a wonderful singer but in addition a talented actor. In 1975, he performed his drama debut together with the Mexican movie Nobleza Racnhera which showed his flexibility both equally as a music performer as well as an acting professional.

Juan Gabriel became popular in Mexico and has also made partnerships with the completely different artists like Luis Miguel, Ana Gabriel RcioDurcal. Together with his capacity to perform any specific genre, several fans liked him. He's not just referred to as a ranchera performer but additionally a recognized pop star topping concert sites each year.With Juan Gabriel's long list of capabilities, he did not hold on there. He create songs for Latin singers like Rocio Durcal and one of the finest music artists these days, Isabel Pontoja.

In the year 1984, he recorded the song "Querida" that created him a great balladeer. It even went to number one the very first day it was publicized.In Juan Gabriel's individual life, he's got four children from his girlfriend Laura but they were not married. He was usually asked about his sexuality whether or not he's gay or not. Yet despite of those controversies, he remained productive in charity works. He established his very own foundation known as Semjase of which has orphan children in Ciudad Juarez within Mexico. Here are several of the items that you need to know concerning Juan Gabriel.

October 5, 1985 was announced by Mayor Tom Bradley as "Juan Gabriel Day". Ten years after, he was in the Billboard Latin Music Hall of Fame. A year before that occurred, the got the ASCAP Songwriter of the Year award. His accomplishment in music and songs has won him along with 6 Grammy nominees up to date and also his music album has sold above a hundred million throughout the world. Juan Gabriel's achievements in Billboard magazine did not stop there. In the year 1995, he got to the Hot Latin Charts along with his three songs.

Juan Gabriel was given at the same time with a Lifetime Achievement award in the year 1999. And due to his own expertise in creating a song, he was able to win 4 Billboard Awards in the year 1992. Mainly because of his fame and also success, he was rewarded by the Latin Recording Academy as the man of the year that happened in the year 2009. If you're presently staying in Hollywood, you will see his own name in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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