Good Tips on Selecting Your First Cello

By Cathy Riekturr

Before I go into this, let me give you some background on the cello. Together together with the violin, the viola and also the bass, the cello is also part of the string instrument group. In terms of size, it's several times larger than the violin. The bowing technique for the cello is different from that of the violin as you hold the instrument differently. The tone of the cello is significantly deeper than the violin or cello due to the reality of its size.

The cello is really a complex instrument. Aside from the body of the cello, that is carved from Maplewood, it does have a number of other materials such as metal, rubber and steel. All of these parts make up the cello.

Here are a few tips which will help you choose your first cello:

1. Figure out your spending budget

You may have a specific spending budget in mind for your very first cello. It might be 1000 dollars or 5 thousand dollars. There's a distinct difference in the cello if the cost is at both ends of this budget. Whatever the case is, you are going to need to balance your budget together with all the tone which the instrument can bring out when you play it.

2. Get assistance from skilled players

Ask around your acquaintances who are experienced cello players to obtain an opinion on what sort of cello to pick as your first instrument. Because they have a lot more experience, they will be much better able to check out the quality of the cello you intend to buy.

3. Purchase from a reputable shop

This is a no brainer, but I have to remind you to deal only with reputable stores. You'll want to have the ability to bring the cello back to the store for future repairs as needed. Generally reputable shops have a trade in policy whereby if you purchased the very first instrument from them, you may be able to trade up for a better model later on.

4. Research

Do some research within your nearby bookstore, library or by surfing the internet. You are going to get a lot more ideas from these sources. With a lot more knowledge, you are much better equipped to pick your first instrument.

Picking any music instrument for the very first time, be it the cello or violin could be a headache for some people. Nonetheless with proper guidance and if you follow the above tips, you will be in a much better position to do so.

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