A Glimpse In The Professional Career Of Del Chambers

By Lora Weeks

Del Chambers has since been considered one of the most important player of modern day network engineering. This graduate from the Strayer college has long since been known for his involvement in the establishment of T1 lines, and the proper consideration of the many facets of telecommunications.

He has currently taken residence in Cibolo in Texas. It has been know that he attended that Strayer college in Virginia, an institution which is highly known for being able to produce high quality graduates. From this school, he was able to successfully finish computer science.

He is known to be a current member of the FMWR of the army of the United States. As a person who holds the position as network engineer, his role towards the overall operation is considered highly indispensable. His success in addressing such roles has been credited to his skills and his abilities.

It is to be noted though that Del Chambers did not get all these achievements handed down to him in a silver platter. He had to get things done the hard way and he was even part of various support groups for the army so he gets enough exposure and training towards doing his job.

Since his skills are technical in nature, many of the problems that are encountered by the group in which he currently belongs to are often referred to him and to his team. It is the main responsibility of his team to find out the necessary resolution to these types of problems within the group.

Responsibilities concerning these issues are considered to be a team effort among the parts of the team that he currently belongs to. However, since he possesses the broader knowledge, skills, and experience, it is expected that he play a greater role towards resolving such issues.

Del Chambers is also know to play such a very crucial role in training data center personnel. As the chief supervising officer in his department, his task includes training both local staff as well as those who will need to be deployed abroad.

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