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U.S. President Barack Obama has announced his resignation - as an assistant coach of the basketball team his daughter Sasha. The reason: The girls have become him well.

Barrack Obama hot on Slam Dunk Baskett Ball

Washington - In fact, there is in basketball only one direction: forward. But Barack Obama puts the car in reverse now. The U.S. president has announced his off as an assistant coach for the basketball team his daughter Sasha.

Barrack Obama hot on Baskett Ball

The group of ten year olds will always get better and become trainers "who know a lot more than me, so I will probably pretty soon retire to the ranks," Obama said of the ESPN sports television. In recent years, however, gave him a lot of fun to coach the girls.

Barrack Obama hot on Baskett Ball

The politician with strong enthusiasm for the basketball team for several years had accompanied Sasha on weekends to play and, while the trainer in his own words tips. Plays along with his wife Michelle and his Vice President Joe Biden, whose daughter the same team, Obama had regularly trembled on the sidelines, cheering applause. But now it will be over with good advice for layup, blocks and assists.

While Obama was certainly a coach with conviction: He was an avid follower of sports for children, he told the TV station. Girls in particular could get through sport self-confidence and fighting spirit.

Barrack Obama hot on Baskett Ball

Michelle Obama is committed to continue its hard for her health initiative "Let's Move" - ​​and does it well like once the dirty finger. In the front yard of the White House planted the first lady and a vegetable Obstbeet.

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